Saturday, 30 May 2015

Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz: Hello Franchise … !

30th May, 2015.
Ye Mothering Gods … 

How on EARTH did I managed THAT … ?

Anyone who’s been following me for a while will realise something.

A)   I write the Daily Teaser: partly to entertain myself, partly to entertain you.

B)   I posted this morning’s, fairly early: thinking I had to get to a staff meeting at work.

About B) … ?

Boy, was I wrong … !

Getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning, wrong!

I’ll admit it, there’s a staff meeting on Saturday.   Next Saturday … !

Me being me, I’ve managed to get up for it, today.

If this particular post sounds a bit mangled?   Well … 

I think I’ve got an excuse.


At ANY rate … ?

Something I’ve been meaning to do — for some time, now — is kick back, and enjoy a movie.

I’d not say I’m a film fan.   Really, I wouldn’t.

I would, however, call myself someone who likes a film, occasionally.   And one who tends to do for oddities, as well as mainstream films.   Way out horror, as well as comedy or the (heaven forbid) occasional chick flick.

I tend to look for something that’s going to entertain, rather than be artistically wonderful.

As possibly anyone who’s followed me me blethering on about the films I’ve seen over the years.

Something I’ve not done much of … ?

Something I’ve not done much of, is follow film franchises.

I’m not sure that I could tell you why.

But beyond the obvious ones — Star Wars, Star Trek and the various entries in the Lord Of The Rings sagas — film franchises don’t usually grab my attention.

One that HAS … ?   Almost by accident … ?   Was what I’ve come to think of as the Outpost franchise
: the original Outpost, Outpost 2:Black Sun, and the film I’ve caught tonight.

The third entry in the series: Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz.

Speaking personally?   I’m impressed … 


Set in 1944, Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz is a prequel to the original two films in the series.

Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz opens near the site of the bunker we know from the first film: where Nazi scientists have been experimenting with ways to produce super soldiers to help them win the war.

What they HAVEN’T realised?

Is that a small group of Russian Special Forces troops know Nazi Germany has a camp in the area.   KNOWS there’s something going on.

And, lead by Dolokhov — Brian Larkin — are on their way to find out exactly what.

Dolokhov’s squad … ?   Don’t know what’s going to hit them.

But soon find out … 


Now … impressed … ?

Yes, I know very well I’ve said that before, about films.

But I’ve not often used it on a franchise.

Somehow, scores of films in a series is something I find … off-putting.

However, having seen both the original two entries in the series — and thoroughly enjoyed them — I was keen to see the third film.

I’m aware some reviewers took to it, and others hated it.


I’m one of the former.

I’ve enjoyed the series so far: and found Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz a very good third film in the series.

Do I say go see both it, and its predecessors?

Oh, LORD, yes!
Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz

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