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The Friday Question Set — 15-5-2015

Hmmm … 

There’s not much that makes me go ‘Hmmm’ … 

No, be honest, Paul: there’s plenty that makes you go ‘Hmmm’ … !

In this case … ?

It’s the death sentence that a US court has handed to the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

I can understand that: appreciate it.

But think a US court has handed a death sentence … to someone who happy to die in the execution of his crime.   And who — we’re told — lionised suicide bombers in various parts of the Middle East.

I don’t like the idea of a death sentence.   I like it less, when the person sentenced to death would believe himself a hero because of it.

Would, in fact, thank us politely for it.


But let’s get moving on, shall we?

Today is Friday.

Which means it’s time for the Friday Question Set!

Here’s this week’s: covered by the Creative Commons License*

Online 296

Q1) How do you start a letter to a Lady Mayoress?

Q2) Boy George once worked for the RSC: as a what?
">Make up artist.

Q3) Who was John the Baptist’s father: Zacharias, Isaiah, or Joshua?
A3) Zacharias.

Q4) Liza Minelli’s first film appearance was alongside her mother.   But in which movie: “Meet Me in Saint Louis”, “Easter Parade”, or “Girl Crazy”?

Q5) What name is given to a young deer?
A5) Fawn.

Q6) What’s another name for a lexicon?

Q7) Which musical note follows ray?
A7) Me.

Q8) What is usually found in a golf course’s bunker?
A8) Sand.

Q9) ‘Wīfman’ is the Old English word for what: man, woman or child?
A9) Woman.

Q10) Who, or what, is the patron saint of Germany?


Q11) In which soap was a wife beater famously buried under the patio?
A11) “Brookside.”

Q12) Which member of the Mitchell family was killed in 1998?
A12) Tiffany.

Q13) In “Dynasty”, what was the name of the Joan Collins character?
A13) Alexis Carrington.

Q14) Which now defunct BBC soap was advertised as ‘…sun, sea, & sangria’?
A14) “Eldorado.”

Q15) What exactly are the housewives that live on on Wisteria Lane?
A15) Desperate

Q16) Which soap’s twentieth anniversary story-line featured a documentary about Ramsey Street?
A16) “Neighbours”

Q17) In the BBC’s daytime soap, “Doctors”, what’s Dr Brendan McGuire’s nickname?
A17) Mac.

Q18) In which soap did Dave Glover perish in a fire?
A18) Emmerdale.

Q19) In “EastEnders”, what was Sharon’s surname, after she married Dennis?
A19) Rickman.

Q20) “Conundrum” was the name of the last episode of which American soap?
A20) “Dallas.”


Q21) What’s the only Scandinavian pop group to have their first three singles debut at number one?
A21) Aqua.

Q22) Melody Radio, in London, was the first in the UK to broadcast without what?
A22) DJ’s.

Q23) Which Tina Turner tune did Chris Eubank use as his theme tune?
A23) “Simply The Best”.

Q24) Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun founded which soulful record label?
A24) Atlantic.

Q25) Who’s new single became the fastest digital download of 2008?
A25) Leona Lewis’, with 70,000 sold over its first two days.

Q26) Who had the highest earning tour of 2008: U2, Girls Aloud or Madonna?
A26) Madonna.   (The Sticky and sweet tour!)

Q27) Which Soul star got a Lifetime Achievement Grammy, in 2008?
A27) Aretha Franklin.

Q28) What Led Zeppelin song was recently named as having the best guitar riff ever?
A28) “Smoke on the Water.”

Q29) In 2008, Leona Lewis got to number 1, in the US with Bleeding Love: who was thelast solo British singer to do so?
A29) Kim Wilde, back in 1987, with a cover of You Keep Me Hanging On.

Q30) Which singer earned headlines. at the Glastonbury, in 2008?
A30) Amy Winehouse.


Q31) On the standard English Monopoly board, how much does it cost to buy Bond Street?
A31) £320.00

Q32) In Spanish, what number is quartro?
A32) 4.

Q33) How many sides does a cube have?
A33) Six.

Q34) What’s the maximum score in Snooker?
A34) 151.   (Your opponent fouls on the break, giving you 4 points, after which you get a 147 break.)   Or 154.   (Your opponent fouls by potting the Black, on the break, giving you 7 points, then you score the 147.)   OR 155.   ( Your opponent fouls: as a result, the ref gives you a free ball, from which you score 8, by potting any ball as a red, then pot a black, THEN you score a 147 as normal.   Effectively, you score 16 reds, and 16 blacks.)   OR 160!   (After your opponent fouls on the break, the ref gives you four points for a miss, AND a free ball!)

Q35) What’s the cube root of 8?
A35) Two.

Q36) In which year of the 70’s, did Ceylon change its name to Sri Lanka?
A36) 1972.

Q37) In which year of the 13th century did King John sign the Magna Carta: 1215, 1216 or 1217?
A37) 1215.

Q38) How many different colours are there on a Rubiks Cube?
A38) Six.

Q39) How many black squares are there, on a chess board?
A39) 32.

Q40) How would four fifths be shown, as a decimal?
A40) 0.8.


Q41) Which of the Solar System’s planet’s has moons called Phobos and Deimos?
A41) Mars.

Q42) Asteroid Number 2309 is named after which “Star Trek” character?
A42) Mr Spock.

Q43) What planet is between Mars and Venus?
A43) Earth.

Q44) How many Apollo mission’s resulted in successful Moon landing’s?
A44) Six.

Q45) The moons of which planet are named after Shakespearean characters?
A45) Uranus.

Q46) In which US state is the Keck Telescope?
A46) Hawaii.

Q47) True or false: Vladimir Komarov was the first human fatality in space.
A47) True.   (In 1967.)

Q48) Laska and Beny were sent into space, in 1958: what kind of creature were they?
A48) Mice.

Q49) Which planet appears brightest to the naked eye?
A49) Venus.

Q50) Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin was the second person to walk on what?
A50) The Moon.


Q51) Who is Britain’s richest artist?

Q52) Which US city is served by Kennedy Airport?

Q53) Antonio Stradivari made what musical instrument?
A53) Violins.

Q54) Which UK resident has attended more state banquets than anyone else?
A54) The Queen.

Q55) Amstrad was and is short for Alan Michael Sugar … what?

Q56) In his later years, Chess champ, Bobby Fisher, became a citizen of which European country?
A56) Iceland.

Q57) Sable is the heraldic term for which everyday colour?
A57) Black.

Q58) With which industry would you associate the Saatchi brothers?

Q59) Which animal was the first to be successfully cloned?
A59) Sheep.

Q60) PG, 15, and 18 are all classifications of what?
A60) Films: whether on video, DVD or at the cinema.

Enjoy those: I’ll catch you later …

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