Sunday, 6 March 2016

Dad’s Army — Don’t Panic … !

6th March, 2016.

You know, it’s been the weekend of my birthday: Friday, just gone, so you know.

AND Mother’s Day.

Which means that … 

Well … 

It’s been rather long.

And … ?

Well, Friday definitely saw a shirt with just a bit too much gorgonzola dip.

And today … ?

Well, today saw a staff meeting, this morning: I came in third in the staff competition, winning a small prize in the process.

And, this afternoons, in a sort of joint celebration of Mother’s Day, AND my birthday … ?

Me and my family … ?

With the mild sense of irony my family tends to occasionally exhibit, my family and I went to see Dad’s Army … 


Set in 1944 — after the original series would’ve finished — Dad’s Army tells us the tale of the Walmington-on-Sea platoon of the Home Guard: who, when we met them are are doing the important job only they are capable of.

Chasing a bull, across a field.

It’s only when  in the middle of their next assignment?   That a glamourous journalist turns up: almost knocking over one of the troop in the process.

It’s only AFTER this … ?

The platoon get’s orders to patrol a base in Dover: in preparation for a big push in France that’s due up, soon.

This is Walmington.

As those of us familiar with the original series will tell you … ?

Something’s going to get stuck up a flag-pole … 


Now … 

Good … ?

Hmmm … 

I don’t know if — in all honesty — I could tell you that Dad’s Army is a good film.

I’m fairly certain it’s not going to win any Oscars.   It ISN’T going to go down as a major comedy, life-changing event, or big house production.

But, on the upside … ?

Dad’s Army IS a good, entertaining film: as gentle, and as funny, a comedy as the original series and one that treats it’s source material well.

AND has a solid plot, writing and cast …

Don’t expect wonders.

Do expect Dad’s Army.

And a wonderfully done take on the series.
Dad’s Army.

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