Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Daily Teaser — 17-3-2016: St Patrick’s Day

Oh, that’s … a shame … 

It seems that Brentwood’s branch of McDonalds is due to close down.

That’s unfortunate for workers, there, who can’t afford to make the shift to the franchise owners other branches.

Although I have to add, I’d heard — after talking to one member of staff who’d come to where I work, for a bucket of chicken  — that there was spoke sort of problem with the branch’s air vent system.

One that, because it was expensive to deal with, had contributed to the branch’s financial troubles.

Either way … ?

Hopefully, it’ll mean more visitors for where I work.

And, possibly, a few more hours.


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring six out of six.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 17th March is Saint Patrick’s Day.   The day marks the saint’s what: birth or death?
Q2) According to old tradition, Saint Patrick is said to be buried in which where: Bangor, Downpatrick or Warrenpoint?
Q3) Spell ‘Patrick’ … in Irish.
Q4) Saint Patrick is a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.   He’s also venerated by whom: Orthodox Jews, Hindus or Eastern Orthodox Christians?
Q5) One Irish family name comes from an Irish clan: said to be devoted to the saint.   WHICH family name?
Q6) Famously, the major shrine to Saint Patrick is in Armagh.   Is Armagh in the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland?
Q7) Patrick is Patron saint of Ireland.   And which African nation?
Q8) What’s the longest river in Ireland?
Q9) What’s the largest city, by population, in the Republic of Ireland?
Q10) Finally … Saint Patrick is said to have banished what from Ireland: Vikings, snakes or hedgehogs?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 16th March, 1976, saw the resignation of the UK’s Prime Minister.   WHICH Prime Minister?
Q2) More to the point, who succeeded him?
Q3) 16th March, 1660, saw England’s Parliament dissolved.   This parliamentary period was called what: the Short Parliament, Long Parliament or Convention Parliament?
A3) The Long Parliament.   (It also includes the period known as the Rump Parliament.   Politicians, eh … ?)
Q4) 16th March, 1978, saw Aldo Moro kidnapped by Red Brigade gunmen.   Moro had held which Italian Government position?
A4) Prime Minister.   (The Brigade committed a series of politically motivated violent crimes.)
Q5) Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines: on 16th March, 1521.   The island chain is in which ocean?
A5) The western Pacific.   (Going by the map Wikipedia includes, tells us it’s off the eastern coast of Vietnam, and to the north of Indonesia.)
Q6) Finally … Marshal Tito visited London: on 16th March, 1953.   Which (then) country was he the leader of?
I’ll leave you with this …
“I am Patrick, yes a sinner and indeed untaught; yet I am established here in Ireland where I profess myself bishop. I am certain in my heart that ‘all that I am,’ I have received from God. So I live among barbarous tribes, a stranger and exile for the love of God.”

Saint Patrick, in his Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus.
And these … 

Have a good day: and don’t over do the Guinness!

*        Sad, indeed, Olga.   I think Sylvia, and her late ex-husband, made some of the best loved TV shows in the UK.   The fact there’s still a version of Thunderbirds — and Lady P — still in production tells you that!   (Well … that … and the fact the real world International Rescue takes its name from the show!)

†        Me, too, Debbi!   (I have to wonder what will get a reboot, next!   Hopefully, someone will get the rights to a revamped Doomwatch or Quartermass.)


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) His death (nobody is sure of dates, though)
Q2) Downpatrick
Q3) Pádraig
Q4) Orthodox Christians
Q5) Kilpatrick (?)
Q6) Northern Ireland
Q7) Nigeria
Q8) River Shannon
Q9) Dublin
Q10) Snakes
I hope the news are good in the long run but I've always wondered why McDonald's workers could make a living depending on which area of London they lived in (I imagine long commutes necessary).

Debbi said...

We'll see!

1. Saint Patrick
2. Downpatrick
3. Pádraig
4. Eastern Orthodox Christians
5. No clue! MacNeill (??) :)
6. Northern Ireland
7. Nigeria
8. the Shannon
9. Dublin
10. snakes