Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Steve Jobs — THE Biopic … !

23rd March, 2016.

You know, it’s not that often I get to watch a film, these days.

In point of fact, I’ve been discussing that with a few friends, over the past few days.

Between work, writing the Teasers, and a column for the Gazette?

I don’t get as much time as I’d want.

Actually … ?   Most of the conversations centred on me subscribing to Netflix.

From what I’m told, it’s services are pretty good.

But even at its cheapest?

It’s something I’m still thinking is … uneconomical: I usually only get the equivalent of one movie a month, and, while I’m aware there’s some damn good TV on there, as well?

It’s still not necessarily the first thing I’m going to be spending money on.

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, this month’s unusual.

For recent times.

I‘ve managed to see three films.

And tonight’s film: one I’ve been meaning to catch for a while.

The biopic that is … 


Written by Aaron Sorkin, and directed by Danny Boyle, tells us the life story of Apple co-founder and late CEO, Steve Jobs — Oscar nominated Michael Fassbender — in the run up to three product demos.

Initially … ?   With the problems in the run up to the demo of the original Mac, back in 1984.   It seems that there are issues with the machines original ‘Hello’ demo, that may need to be faked by engineer Andy Herzfeld on one of the prototype 512 Mac’s standing in for the original 128k products.

All this … ?

And Steve Jobs is having issues with ex-girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan, over the paternity of daughter, Lisa.

The next few years … ?   See Jobs demoing his NeXT cube, after leaving Apple: whilst debating events there with Apple CEO John SculleyJeff Daniels — and design work with Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak, played by Seth Rogen.

And — a decade after THAT — moving on to present the original iMac, and coming to some kind of peace with his daughter, Woz and Sculley …

Mediated by Joanna Hoffman, Apple’s original marketing head, played by the equally Oscar nominated Kate Winslet.



Now … 

Good … ?

Actually, yes … 

Over the years, I’ve seen two other films that cover either the history of Apple — Pirates of Silcon Valley — or the life of Steve Jobs; Jobs.

And, while I think NON E of the films gets things right … ?   They’re informative: and entertaining.

Steve Jobs, though?

I believe Steve Jobs to be the better movie of the three.   It looks not to the technology that informs much of our lives, now, but to the human stories behind them.

Speaking personally?

I feel that makes Steve Jobs the best of the three.


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