Wednesday, 27 April 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episode 2

You know, I have a confession to make.

I WAS due to go to work, today.

But … ?

Frankly, my guts where killing me.

Seriously killing me.

Stupidly — and what I think DIDN’T help — was the fact I walked into work: to ask for time off.

In the thinking that the walk up Warley Hill, to Brentwood High Street, would help relieve the stomach pains.


And I have to give credit to my boss, for letting me have the day off.

I was able to book up an emergency appointment — via the UK’s 111 service — with my doctor’s Practise nurse.

And get a prescription for a dose of Buscopan.

Which, as it turns out, is very good at dealing with stomach cramps … and irritable bowel syndrome.

Remind me to have a word with my GP about that, when I see her, next week … !


That took until four o’clock to sort out.

And it was only from about five — when the medication kicked in — that I felt any kind of pain relief.

Which meant a few things.

Granted, I would be getting paid for the loss of a day’s work.   I can live with that, if I can work out WHY my stomach behaves so badly.

And secondly … ?

I was able to catch up with an episode of a favourite TV show.   Episode two, of the third season of House of Cards.

I’ve been meaning to do for a while … 


At ANY rate … ?

Tonight I had time to stay in with … 

Episode 2 of season 3 House of Cards: which picks up from where Episode 1 left off: with Frank — Kevin Spacey — being confronted by his cabinet, and being told that the party would NOT be naming him as their candidate in the 2016 election.

It ALSO sees Claire speaking before a Congressional Committee, in her bid to become US Ambassador to the UN.

And being turned down: after a mauling from Senator Mendoza, heavily tipped as the rival candidate in the upcoming election.

Both Frank and Claire have plans: mostly trying to persuade various politicians to change their minds about nominating to the post they’re respectively after.

Frank, by publicly making a televised speech announcing he will NOT be running for President: but instead, concentrating on an ambitious job creation scene called ‘America Works’ … whilst nominating Claire to the Ambassadorial post she’s after, during the Congressional recess.

It’s looking good … 


Good, I say … ?

Oh, yes … !

I’m thinking theHouse of Cards are — very slowly —ramping up to show us Frank’s eventually becoming an elected president in Season Four, by his outright mix of honesty … and blatant lies, in telling us he doesn’t want to stick around for the job.

It’s highlighted by his ‘You Are Entitled To Nothing’ speech, towards the end of the episode: where he tells us outright politicians lie … 

And then goes on to say he’s not going to be running for President.

Personally … ?

As soon as I get the chance, and more time off … ?

I’ll be catching more episodes … 

I want to see how Frank bags the Presidency, despite telling the nation he doesn’t want it … 

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