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The Friday Question Set — 15-4-2016

Drat … !

I forgot last week’s Question Set … !


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I started this blog to … well … 

Hand out free quizzes.

As I found there weren’t enough online, at the time!

At ANY Rate, I forgot to post one, last week: despite trying To make an effort NOT to.

What CAN I tell you?

Perils of working shifts, I’m afraid!

But, at ANY rate … ?

Here’s this week’s Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 334

Q1) In which decade did Mountain Biking become an Olympic event?
A1) The 1990s.   (At the ’96 Games in Atlanta.)

Q2) Which was the first country to give women the vote?

Q3) Vichyssoise is usually served how: hot or cold?
A3) Cold.

Q4) In which country did the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky die?
A4) Mexico.

Q5) In the Bible what is the name of John the Baptist’s mother?
A5) Elizabeth.

Q6) Which country did Martina Hingis represent when she first won Wimbledon?

Q7) Collectively,  Bobby Farrell, Marcia Barrett, Liz Mitchell and Maisie Williams were better known as which 70s band?
A7) Boney M.

Q8) Who did Muhammad Ali beat when he first became world heavyweight champion?

Q9) In 1919, the Curzon Line divided Poland on the basis of what: language, ethnicity or religion?
A9) Language.

Q10) How many chapters are there in the Book of Genesis?
A10) 50.


Q11) In the 1960s, who had a hit with Can’t Get Used to Losing You?
A11) Andy Williams

Q12) More to the point, which British Ska band covered it, during the 80s?
A12) The Beat.

Q13) Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne.   Who’s the missing Travelling Wilberries?
A13) Bob Dylan.

Q14) S Club 7’s second number 1 went straight in at the top: what was it called?
A14) Never Had a Dream Come True.

Q15) Tony McCarroll & Gem Archer were members of which British band?
A15) Oasis.

Q16) Which Irish band were the first band to have 4 UK number 1’s, in the same year?
A16) Westlife.

Q17) During his lifetime, how many UK number 1s did Roy Orbison have?   (Bonus point for telling us his nickname.)
A17) Three.   (‘The Big O’)

Q18) Two major rock stars died on July the 3rd: one in 1969, one in1971.   Name either.
A18) Brian Jones, in 1969, & Jim Morrison, in 1971

Q19) Name that tune: “Here I lie, in a lost and lonely part of town”.
A19) Tragedy, by the Bee Gees.

Q20) Who first took the Led Zeppelin song, Stairway to Heaven into the charts: the Far Corporation, Rolf Harris or Iron Maiden?
A20) The Far Corporation.


Q21) What was the world’s first stamp called?
A21) The Penny Black.

Q22) What does the abbreviation ‘BT’ stand for?
A22) British Telecom.

Q23) What letters & punctuation marks indicate the majority of UK based internet addresses?

Q24) What’s the BBC’s news channel called?
A24) BBC News.

Q25) Oftel is the watchdog body for which industry?
A25) Telecoms.

Q26) What is The Washington Post?
A26) A newspaper.

Q27) What does the ‘I’ stand for, in ISP?
A27) Internet.

Q28) What is Reuters?
A28) A news agency.

Q29) In the abbreviation, Right Hon., what is the Hon short for?
A29) Honourable.

Q30) What does a bottle contain if you see a skull & crossbones on it?
A30) Poison.


Q31) What was the first country to legalise Trade Unions?
A31) Britain.

Q32) What does the A stand for, in ‘AOL’?
A32) America.

Q33) Which revolutionary cleaning product did Proctor & Gamble launch, in 1969?
A33) Ariel.

Q34) In the initials, ‘CBI’, what does the I stand for?
A34) Industries.

Q35) Along with Corn Flakes, what cereal did Kelloggs introduce to the UK, in 1922?
A35) All Bran.

Q36) What name is given to an alloy that joins metals together?
A36) Solder.

Q37) The 701 Computer was first put on sale in 1953: which company produced it?
A37) IBM.

Q38) The Red Triangle was the first company trademark to be registered: which company’s trade mark was it?
A38) Bass Brewery’s.

Q39) Which industrialist became the first Lord Mayor of Dublin, in 1851?
A39) Lord Guinness.

Q40) Which inventor invented and marketed a vehicle powered by a washing machine motor?
A40) Clive Sinclair.


Q41) On which Indonesian island is the resort of Kuta?
A41) Bali.

Q42) What’s the name of the fault that San Francisco lies on?
A42) The San Andreas Fault.

Q43) What’s the world’s longest mountain range?
A43) The Andes.

Q44) After Alaska, and Texas, what’s the third largest state of the USA?
A44) California.

Q45) Which country has ‘IS’ as its international registration letters?
A45) Iceland.

Q46) In which East European country is Transylvania?
A46) Romania.

Q47) What is a sea containing many islands called?
A47) An archipelago.

Q48) On the London Underground map, what colour is the Bakerloo line?
A48) Brown.

Q49) The volcano of Soufrière is on which Caribbean island?
A49) Saint Vincent.

Q50) What’s the capital of Tasmania?
A50) Hobart.


Q51) The Dumbarton Oaks Conference of the 1940s founded WHAT organisation?

Q52) Cleeve Hill is the highest point of which part of England?
A52) The Cotswolds.

Q53) “I see trees of green, Red roses too”.   Name that tune.

Q54) In which famous novel would you find Jack, Piggy, & Ralph?

Q55) What was the name of the first dog, in space?
A55) Laika.

Q56) In order for a month to have a Friday the 13th, on what day of the week must it starts?
A56) Sunday.

Q57) Who composed the music for West Side Story?

Q58) Who succeeded Elizabeth 1st to the English throne?
A58) James 1st.   (He’s ALSO known as James the 6th and 1st, as, on top of being James 1st of England, he was James the 6th of Scotland.)

Q59) In the nursery rhyme, who was the dish running away from?
A59) Spoon.

Q60) In cockney rhyming slang, what is your barnet?
A60) Your hair.

I hope they’re of use!

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