Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 20-4-2016: UN Chinese Language Day

Bad Egg!

Blimey … !

The shop had no French sticks!

I’m off to work, this afternoon: and start at two.

So, obviously, was planning a biggish, and late, lunch, today.


Preferably, with a ham baguette.

Except my local Nisa’s … ?

Had run out out of French sticks!

Guess I’ll have t have a sandwich, instead.


But, at any rate … ?

It’s Wednesday: and time for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly teaser.

Here’s this week’s, covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …
Q1) 20th April is the UN’s official Chinese Language Day: marking one of the UN’s official languages.   How many official languages does the UN use, in total?
Q2) Name one of the other official languages.
Q3) The date was chosen as it marks the day a mythical Chinese figure supposedly invented what: Chinese calligraphy, Chinese characters or printing?
Q4) Written Chinese is written how: from left to right, or right to left?
Q5) Most educated Chinese people are expected to know roughly how many characters: 3000, 4000 or 5000?
Q6) In Standard Chinese, these characters are known as Hanzi.   The name comes from a Chinese Imperial dynasty, and the ethnic group named for the dynasty.   Name either.
Q7) Standard Chinese, itself, is a version of what: Cantonese, Mandarin or Hokkien?
Q8) Standard Chinese is based on the dialect spoken where: Beijing, Shanghai or Nanjing?
Q9) Standard Chinese, and its parent dialect, are the most widely spoken form of Chinese, with some 850 million speakers.   What’s the next most widely spoken version: Wu, Min or Yue?
Q10) Finally … Chinese is a what language: Hmong-Mien, Sino-Tibetan or Austroasiatic?
Here’s last week’s questions and answers …
Q1) 13th April saw Tiger Woods win the Masters Tournament.   The Tournament is held at which course?
Q2) Tournament, course, and Tiger himself, are in — or from — which country?
Q3) Tiger’s first win was in which year of the 1990s?
Q4) When did Tiger LAST win the Masters?
Q5) As part of his prize, Tiger would’ve won what colour jacket?
Q6) At the time of writing — early March, 2016 — there’s only one player to have won the Masters six times.   Who is he?
Q7) Tiger, himself, has won the tournament four times.   The only other player to have done this, is Arnold … who?
Q8) Who was the last British winner of the Masters?
Q9) The Masters is one of four Major Golf Tournaments.   Name one of the other three.
Q10) Finally … at the time of writing — again, early March, 2016 — who was the Masters Champion?   (He won in 2015.)
A1) Augusta National Golf Club.
A2) The USA.
A3) 1997.
A4) 2005.
A5) A green one.
A6) The Bear, himself: Jack Nicklaus.
A7) Arnold Palmer.
A8) Nick Faldo: back in 1996.   He has since been replaced by Danny Willett.
A9) The US Open, the Open Championship or the PGA Championship.
A10) Jorden Spieth.   That was at the time of writing.   The 2016 title has since been won by Danny Willett.
Have a good week.

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