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The Friday Question Set — 1-4-2016

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I’m up seriously late.

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Late enough for this to qualify not as a Friday Question Set … 

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At ANY rate, it’s late one a Friday.

So without much ado, here’s this week’s Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

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Q1) Which Scottish comedian died in early 2016?

Q2) What river were Duran Duran singing about, in their song “Rio”?
Q2) The Rio Grande.

Q3) “Tenko” was a popular series about woman prisoners of war.   But what does tenko mean: roll call, hostage or cell?
A3) Roll call

Q4) The first ever edition of “Top of the Pops” was broadcast from which English city?
A4) Manchester.

Q5) Ed Koch, and Rudolf Guilliani were former mayors of which US city?
A5) New York.

Q6) Willliam Shatner played Captain Kirk, in Star Trek.   But what nationality is the Shat?
A6) Canadian.

Q7) Which Irish boxer coached Daniel Day-Lewis for his role in “The Boxer”?
A7) Barry McGuigan.

Q8) In which European country was escapologist Harry Houdini born?
A8) Hungary.

Q9) For how many years were Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine married, 11 years, 13 years, or 15 years?
A9) 13 years.

Q10) Threskiornis æthiopis was treated as sacred by the Ancient Egyptians.   The creature is better known as what: the dung beetle, the Ibis, or the crocodile?
A10) The Sacred Ibis.


Q11) Which “Coronation Street” character was murdered by his daughter, in 2005?
A11) Tommy Harris.

Q12) Which “EastEnders” character got a marriage proposal, from Benny Bloom?
A12) Ethel Skinner.   (Accept just Ethel.)

Q13) Which “Neighbours” character was killed in a fire, at Lassiters?
A13) Gus Cleary.

Q14) Two newsreader’s famously sat on a protesting lesbian, during the 6 O’clock news, in 1988.   Name one of them.   (Two points for both)
A14) Nicholas Witchell, and Sue Lawley.

Q15) In addition to the “Blue Peter” team, which royal took place in the 1971 “Blue Peter Safari”?
A15) Princess Anne.

Q16) Which member of the “Blue Peter” team got knocked out by a flying marrow?
A16) John Noakes.

Q17) The character of May Hardman was the first death on which British soap: Eastenders, Coronation Street or The Archers?
A17) “Coronation Street

Q18) In which year of the 1980s were sub-titles first available for the Queen’s Speech?
A18) 1981.

Q19) Who’s was the first televised Royal funeral?
A19) George 6th’s.


ROUND THREE.   World Tour.

Q21) What country can you walk to, from Gibratltar?
A21) Spain.

Q22) Urdu is an important language in two countries.   Name one of them.   (Two points for both.)
A22) India & Pakistan.

Q23) What’s England’s most northerly county?
A23) Northumberland.

Q24) Beijing is the new name for which city?
A24) Peking.

Q25) What’s the queen’s London home?
A25) Buckingham Palace.

Q26) In which European country is the city of Salzburg?
A26) Austria.

Q27) What colour is the sea that separates Egypt & Saudi Arabia?
A27) Red.

Q28) In which country is the resort of Rimini?
A28) Italy.

Q29) Madagascar is to the east of which continent?
A29) Africa.

Q30) Is California on the East or west coast of the USA?
A30) West.


Q31) What was invented by Lazlo and Georg Biro?
A31) Ballpoint pen.

Q32) Which fashion item is Oscar Levi Strauss responsible for?
A32) Jeans.

Q33) What nationality was motor vehicle pioneer Gottlieb Daimler?
A33) German.

Q34) What was developed by Andre and Edouard Michelin?
A34) Tyres.

Q35) What type of pen did Lewis Waterman invent?
A35) Fountain Pen.

Q36) Which air cushion vehicle was invented by Christopher Cockerell?
A36) Hovercraft.

Q37) Which engine used in aircraft was invented by Sir Frank Whittle?
A37) Jet.

Q38) What did John Logie Baird invent, first called "seeing by wireless"?
A38) Television.

Q39) Which communication system is Alexander Graham Bell famous for?
A39) Telephone.

Q40) Who invented a code made up of dots and dashes?
A40) Samuel Morse.


Q41) In which Greek city were the 1st Modern Olympics held?
A41) Athens.

Q42) In which decade did Roger Bannister run his 1st sub-four minute mile?
A42) 1950s

Q43) Which Czech born Martina won her ninth Wimbledon title in 1990?
A43) Martina Navratilova.

Q44) Charismatic gymnast Olga Korbut represented which country, at the Olympics?
A44) The USSR.   (Accept Soviet Union.)

Q45) The 1980 Olympics were boycotted by the USA.   In which city were they held?
A45) Moscow.

Q46) Which English cricketer made his hundredth century, in a 1977 Test Match?
A46) Geoffrey Boycott.

Q47) What does the 2nd F stand for, in the initials, FIFA?
A47) Football.

Q48) Who captained England, in their 5 – 1 win over Germany, in 2001?
A48) David Beckham.

Q49) Mario Andretti found fame in which sport?
A49) Motor racing.

Q50) Clive Lloyd captained which international cricket side?
A50) The West Indies.


Q51) Which one hit wonders had a devilish hit with “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”?
A51) The Charlie Daniels Band

Q52) Grace Stafford provided the original voice of which feathered cartoon character?
A52) Woody Woodpecker

Q53) Paris is in which region of France?
A53) Ile de France.

Q54) Xenia Onatop was the villainous Bond girl in which Bond movie?
A54) “Goldeneye”

Q55) The first car hire company started in 1918.   But in which US city?
A55) Chicago.

Q56) Which four wheeled vehicle was known as the Bantam, the Gnat, & the Peep, before its final name stuck?
A56) The Jeep.

Q57) Jack Russell famously gave his name to a breed of terrier.   What was his occupation?
A57) Vicar.

Q58) What country does Iberia Airlines come from?
A58) Spain.

Q59) Cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, died of a heart attack at this year’s Cricket World Cup.   What country’s team was he coach of?
A59) Pakistan.

Q60) What was the name of Frank Zappa’s backing band?
A60) The Mother’s of Invention.

I hope those help.

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