Saturday, 10 September 2016

House of Cards — Series 4: Episodes 11, 12 & 13 (Chapters 50, 51 and 52)


Recently, you’ll have realised I’m back to job-hunting.

So there’s thing’s I’m going to be economising on.


I won’t have to lose net access: what with BT’s prices changing over the years.

Although I stress hopefully, there.

One thing I do know may — depending on circumstances — will suffer?

Is my viewing habits.

As you MAY realise, I’ve been able to buy and watch the odd box-set: and write about them here.

Given the job situation?   That may slow down, if not stop.   But we’ll have to see, won’t we?


Right at the moment?

I’m aware of a few things.

I’m aware I’ve got enough iTunes credit to rent a few movies, and possibly catch up with one or two box-sets.

Should I be able to balance the budget.

After all, I’ve still not seen season three of Penny Dreadful, nor of The Strain: something I’d like to do.


As I got the box set, before the job situation came crashing down around my ears, the one thing I was able to do, was see the last three episodes of season four of House of Cards.

And yes … 

I THINK the series is a good investment … 


Episode 11 — Chapter 50 — focuses on Claire: and on her and Franks attempts to win a TV debate with Govenor Conway and his running mate, General Brockhart (Colm Feore.)

Things go BADLY awry, though … when someone claiming to act for the Islamic Caliphate Organisation … takes a family hostage … in the US, itself …

Episode 12 — Chapter 51 — sees the protracted negotiations start, to free the hostages: with Governor Conway offering to help in the heavily monitored negotiations.

Whilst?   Whilst that’s happening, Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris McGiver) is back on staff at the Washington Herald: and managed To release a preliminary verso of an explosive story, online.

Incriminating Frank … up to his eyeballs … 

Episode 13 — Chapter 52 — shows us two of the hostages being released: and Frank’s reaction to this.   And … ?   And, whist Chief of Staff, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), organises presidential reaction to the Herald’s reports?

The terrorists announce they will be killing their last hostage … 



Which, with President Underwood’s reaction — “We make the terror.” —  seeming to sum this series up?

I HAVE to admit, Series four is a VERY good entry in the House of Cards oeuvre.


One that does encourage me to keeping job-hunting.

I’d like to get season five, as and when.

Given that Season four’s THIS good, I want to keep watching House of Cards

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