Friday, 23 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 23-9-2016

Hmmm … 

I have to confess, I’m job-hunting at the mo.

Right at the moment?

I’m at home: with various documentaries, from various Dr Who DVDs.

Apart from the fact I’ve not seen them in a while?

It’s easy to get bored … 


But listening to me complain is not why you here, now is it?


You’re here because it’s a Friday: and therefore time for the Friday Question Set.   Here’s this week’s: covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License* … 

Online 349

Q1) How many feet in a nautical mile: 5080 feet, 6080 feet or 7080 feet?
A1) 6080.   (Well … 6076.1 … if there’s someone pick out there.)

Q2) Osaka is in which Asian country?
Q2) Japan.

Q3) Who was the original drummer with the Who?
A3) Keith Moon.

Q4) How many minutes in a day?
A4) 1, 440.

Q5) Ikebana is the Japanese art of what, flower arranging, paper folding, or heraldry?

Q6) In which year of the 1940s was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour?
A6) 1941.

Q7) What radio comedy was originally titled ‘Crazy People’?

Q8) The Grand Tour stars Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.   It’s broadcast by whom?

Q9) Alsace, Burgundy and Côtes du Rhone are French what: wine regions, cheese makers or sausages?
A9) French Wine regions.

Q10) Amitabh Bachchan is the biggest star … in which country’s film industry?
A10) India’s.


Q11) These Boots Are Made For Walking was a big hit for Nancy Sinatra, and, more recently, for which female pop star?
A11) Jessica Simpson.

Q12) Ronan Keating famously recorded a version of Father & Son with Yousef Islam.   How was Yousef Islam known, during the 1960s?
A12) Cat Stevens.

Q13) Which children’s presenter famously covered Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?
A13) Timmy Mallett.

Q14) Buddy Holly, and Richie Valens both died in the same aircrash as which other 50s artist?
A14) The Big Bopper.

Q15) Cheryl, Sarah, Nadine, Nicola and Kimberly are the five members of which girlband?
A15) Girl Aloud.

Q16) Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra.   Who’s missing?
A16) Sammy Davies Jnr: they were the three prominent members of the Ratpack.

Q17) Bobby, Mike, Cheryl and Jay were better known how?
A17) Bucks Fizz.

Q18) Who topped the singles charts with These Hips Don’t Lie?
A18) Shakira.

Q19) Happy was a 2013 hit: for whom?

Q20) Jessica Ellen Cornish is better known how?
A20) Jessie J.


Q21) Who won Oscar’s for both Forrest Gump and Philedelphia?
A21) Tom Hanks

Q22) Who co-starred with Patrick Swayze, in Ghost?
A22) Demi Moore

Q23) Who was the child star of the original Home Alone movie?
A23) Macauley Culkin.

Q24) Simba the cub became what, in a 1994 Disney movie?
A24) The Lion King

Q25) What sort of Proposal did Robert Redford make to Demi Moore?
A25) Indecent.

Q26) What was wrong, in an Oscar winner Wallace & Gromit film?
A26) The trousers.

Q27) Who did Harry meet?
A27) Sally.

Q28) Who played the title role, in Pretty Woman?
A28) Julia Roberts.

Q29) Brad Pitt starred with Morgan Freeman: in which 1995 thriller?
A29) Seven.   (Usually it’s stylised as SE7EN.)

Q30) Jim Carrey played Truman Burbank: in which film?


Q31) In which Swiss mountain range, is the Jungfrau?
A31) The Swiss Alps.

Q32) Which is the next largest island in the world, after Australia?
A32) Greenland.

Q33) Which seaside resort is Super–Mare?
A33) Weston–Super–Mare

Q34) On which continent is the Kariba Dam?
A34) Africa.

Q35) Lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie, & Ontario are collectively known as what?
A35) The Great Lakes.

Q36) If the southern limit of the Tropics is the Tropic of Capricorn, what’s the northern limit?
A36) The Tropic of Cancer.

Q37) Which island is to the immediate south of Australia?
A37) Tasmania.

Q38) Saigon was in the southern part of which country?
A38) Vietnam.

Q39) If you were in Benidorm, which Country would you be in?
A39) Spain.

Q40) Which London palace has a maze?
A40) Hampton Court Palace.


Q41) Which garden herb is usually made into a sauce that’s a traditional accompaniment to roast lamb?
A41) Mint.

Q42) In which country did the word ‘Biscuit’ originate?
A42) France.

Q43) What is traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday?
A43) Pancakes.

Q44) What’s another name for French Fries?
A44) Chips. (Accept Julienne Potatoes, if any one spots it!)

Q45) What vegetable can be Desirée, King Edward, or Maris Piper?
A45) The potato.

Q46) Tomatin is the site of Scotland’s largest what?
A46) Whiskey distillery.

Q47) What sugary substance do Bees make?
A47) Honey.

Q48) What colour is picalilli?
A48) Yellow.

Q49) Bramboračka is a traditional Czech soup.   Made with which vegetable: swedes, onions or potatoes?
A49) Potatoes.

Q50) Lady Baltimore Cake is said to have its origins, where: North Carolina, South Carolina or Maryland?


Q51) Which Ruth was the last woman to be hanged in Britain?
A51) Ruth Ellis.   (The film, Dance With A Stranger, was all about her.)

Q52) How was dancer and spy, Margaretha Geertruida "Margreet" MacLeod, was better known how?
A52) Mata Hari.

Q53) What was a Doll: a hat, an umbrella or a cucumber?
A53) A hat.

Q54) “Pile it high, sell it cheap” was the motto of Sir Jack Cohen.   Which supermarket did he help found?
A54) Tesco.

Q55) The Transandine Railway links two South American countries; – name either of them.
A55) Chile or Argentina.

Q56) What language was spoken by the ancient Romans?
A56) Latin.

Q57) The horse that, according to Homer, was delivered to the ancient city of Troy, was made of what?
A57) Wood.

Q58) If you’re chaptalising something, you’re adding sugar … to what?
A58) Wine.

Q59) Which of the following is a primary colour: pink, purple, or red?
A59) Red.

Q60) Borras Park Albion, Glan Conwy and Monmouth Town are football clubs.   From which country of the UK?
A60) Wales.

I hope those are useful … 

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