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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 16-9-2016

Job-hunting, job-hunting, job-hunting … 

I … 

I think job-hunting is the order of the day.

Or, at least, tomorrow.

As I’ve done plenty, today.

As well as set up my benefits claim.

And organised an advance, so I can pay my bills.

But … ?

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At ANY rate … ?

It’s a quiet — VERY quiet — Friday.

Which means, of course, it’s time for … the Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 348

Q1) There’s three main ingredients of kedgeree.   Name one of them.   (One point for 1,two points for two, three for all three.)
A1) Eggs, rice and fish.

Q2) If a violinist is playing pizzicato, hows he playing his instrument?
Q2) Plucking it.

Q3) Rievaulx, in North Yorkshire, is famous for what, its pudding’s, its abbey, or its spring-water?
A3) It Abbey.

Q4) Which alcoholic drink is flavoured with juniper berries?
A4) Gin.

Q5) What’s the legal term for lying under oath?
A5) Perjury.

Q6) The assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand triggered World War One.   But in which east European city did it take place?
A6) Sarajavo.

Q7) What was a Sopwith Camel: a biplane, a llama or a type of jeep?
A7) A biplane.

Q8) What is a dactylogram?
A8) A fingerprint.

Q9) In which London park would you find Birdcage Walk?

Q10) Peter Fabergé famously made jewelled…what?
A10) Eggs.


Q11) Who was the first Black artist to have a video played on MTV?
A11) Herbie Hancock.

Q12) Which Goth band had a hit with “Stay”?
A12) Shakespeare’s Sister.

Q13) What Queen album was the most expensive ever made?
A13) A Night At The Opera

Q14) Name that tune.   “When the paper boy's half an hour late”
A14) Gertcha, by Chas and Dave.

Q15) Which band holds the record for the most sessions recorded for John Peel?
A15) The Fall.   (24.)

Q16) Rod Stewart started his career as a backing singer for which 60s British blues star: Long John Baldry, The Rolling Stones or the Animals?
A16) Long John Baldry.

Q17) What was the only Prince song to have won an Oscar?
A17) Purple Rain.

Q18) When did Cliff Richard 1st have a number one?
A18) 1960

Q19) Funky Moped was a big, if rude hit, for which vegetative comedian?
A19) Jasper Carrott.

Q20) Neil Morrisey’s only hit was with the theme tune to children’s show?
A20) Bob the Builder.


Q21) What is a plant’s foliage?
A21) Leaves.

Q22) What are tulip’s grown from?
A22) Bulbs.

Q23) What do secateurs do?
A23) Cut.

Q24) Culinary herbs are usually grown for what?
A24) Cooking/eating.

Q25) What piece of garden equipment can be rotary, or hover?
A25) The lawn mower.

Q26) Which heap provides fertiliser, for the garden?
A26) The compost heap.

Q27) French, runner, or broad.   What kind of vegetable are we talking about?
A27) Beans.

Q28) If you grew a box, in your garden, what have you just grown?
A28) A hedge.

Q29) Hybrid tea, and Floribunda, are what type of flower?
A29) Rose.

Q30) Cox’s Orange Pippin, Bramley, & McIntosh, are types of what?
A30) Apples.


Q31) Who discovered radio waves?
A31) Hertz

Q32) Who gave his name to a unit of radioactivity?
A32) Becquerel

Q33) Which 16th century scientist proposed that the Earth orbited the Sun?
A33) Nicolai Copernicus.

Q34) Which British scientist is best known to the general public for his book, A Brief History of Time?
A34) Dr Stephen Hawking

Q35) Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner, and Fritz Strassman, famously worked on what: nuclear fission, nuclear fusion or nuclear reactors?
A35) Nuclear Fission

Q36) Hipparchus was a pioneer in which branch of mathematics: trigonometry, geometry, or number theory?
A36) Trigonometry.

Q37) Which Baron of Largs gave his name to a scale for measuring temperature?
A37) Baron Kelvin of Largs.

Q38) The first observations of Neptune, were made by which Italian: Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei or Giacomo Casanova?

Q39) Sir Robert Watson-Watt developed which tracking device?
A39) Radar.

Q40) Crick Watson & Wilkins determined the structure of which molecule?
A40) DNA.


Q41) Which Ashley was named Best Comedy Actress, at the 2005 British Comedy Awards?
A41) Ashley Jensen, of Extras fame.

Q42) Who co-created Extras, along with Ricky Gervais?
A42) Steven Merchant.

Q43) Which Channel Four comedy had episodes called Five Go Mad On Mogadon Island and Five Go Mad In Dorset?
A43) The Comic Strip Presents.

Q44) Name either of the first two regular team captains, on Have I Got News For You.
A44) Paul Merton, & Ian Hislop.   (Who’ve both outlasted Angus Deayton.)

Q45) Trevor McDonut, Gareth Blackstock and Reverend Nathaniel West were comic creations of whom?
A45) Lenny Henry.   (His Othello is highly )

Q46) Lauren, the schoolgirl from hell, is played by which comedienne?
A46) Catherine Tate.

Q47) What was the name of Peter Cook, and Dudley Moore’s 60’s revue show called?
A47) Not Only…But Also.

Q48) What’s the surname of the family, in the series My Family?
A48) Harper.

Q49) Who was the resident singer, on That Was the Week That Was?
A49) Millicent Martin.

Q50) Brendan O’Carroll played the lead character: in which BBC 1 show?


Q51) Richard O’Brien & Ed Tudor–Pole have both presented Channel Four game show?

Q52) If you’re sailing away to Skye, what group of islands are you heading for: The Inner Hebrides, the Outer Hebrides or the Orkneys?
A52) The Inner Hebrides.

Q53) Edward the 7th married Princess Alexandria of where?
A53) Denmark.

Q54) On which day of the week is the Jewish Sabbath?
A54) Saturday.

Q55) Larry Adler played what musical instrument?
A55) The harmonica.   (Accept Mouth Organ.)

Q56) Wood chucks, according to the old nursery rhyme, chuck wood.   Possibly.   The wood chuck is ALSO known as what animal?
A56) The Groundhog.

Q57) William Huskisson, MP, was the 1st person to be run over by what, a train, a plane, or a car?
A57) A train.

Q58) Presidential elections in the US, are held on which day of the week?
A58) Tuesday.

Q59) Who played Dr Frankenstein, in the film, Young Frankenstein?
A59) Gene Wilder.

Q60) Lee Dixon, Dennis Bergcamp and Jack Wilshere, have all played for which Premiership side?
A60) Arsenal.

I hope those are helpful!

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