Friday, 9 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 9-9-2016

You know … 

I’ve got to admit, I’m job hunting, at the mo.

And headed over to Romford: to try and place various CVs in various places.

I think I got that done.

I ALSO bumped into an old friend: in a mood to treat an old friend she knew needed cheering up.

Isn’t a surprise afternoon out nice?


But … ?

But it’s a Friday.   Which means, of course, that it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 347

Q1) Which branch of physics deals with the motion of objects?
A1) Mechanics.

Q2) Which rock is formed from calcium carbonate?
Q2) Limestone.

Q3) Lonsdale belts are awarded to champions in which sport?
A3) Boxing.

Q4) Eton Public School is in which English county?
A4) Berkshire.

Q5) Mary O’Brien died in 1997: how was she better known?
A5) Dusty Springfield.

Q6) Malpensa International airport is in which European country?
A6) Italy.

Q7) Cryptography is the study of what?
A7) Codes and cyphers.

Q8) Who’s the patron saint of France: St. Denis, St. Jean D’Arc or St. Germaine?
A8) Saint Denis.

Q9) In British India, what was a Punka Wallah: a fan operator, a tea boy or a head footman?
A9) A fan operator.

Q10) In which century was Coca Cola invented: the 18th, 19th or 20th?
A10) The 19th.


Q11) Which Tudor Queen was played by Glenda Jackson?
A11) Elizabeth the 1st.

Q12) Which poetic Pam won Opportunity Knocks, in 1975?
A12) Pam Ayres.

Q13) Whose Angels were undercover private eyes?
A13) Charlie’s.

Q14) Leonard Rossiter — and Martin Clunes — played the lead character in The Rise And Fall Of Reginald… who?
A14) Perrin.

Q15) What was the first name of Basil Fawlty’s wife?
A15) Sybil.

Q16) The Duchess of which street was part of a drama series, in the 70s,

Q17) Which king, & son of Queen Victoria was the subject of an ITV series?
A17) Edward the 7th.

Q18) Complete this title: The Adventures of Blackwho?
A18) The Adventures of Black Beauty.

Q19) It started on French TV in 1964, it finished on the BBC in 1977, and features Florence, Dougal and Bryan.   What’s the series?

Q20) Which channel showed The Kenny Everett Video Show: BBC1, BBC2 or ITV?
A20) ITV.


Q21) Which John painted "The Haywain"?
A21) Constable.

Q22) Salvador … who … ?
A22) Dali.

Q23) Which city, famous for its canals, did Canaletto paint?
A23) Venice.

Q24) What was the first name of Impressionist painter Cezanne?
A24) Paul.

Q25) Which Leonardo painted La Gioconda?
A25) Da Vinci.

Q26) Which parts of the Venus de Milo are missing?
A26) Arms.

Q27) Which animals is George Stubbs famous for painting?
A27) Horses.

Q28) Which Paul was famous for paintings of the South Seas?
A28) Gauguin

Q29) What was the first name of pop artist Warhol?
A29) Andy

Q30) Which Greek artist's name means "The Greek"?
A30) EI Greco.


Q31) In the 1988 film, Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwaztenegger played what?
A31) Twins.

Q32) Out of which continent were Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in 1985
A32) Africa.

Q33) In which film did Dustin Hoffman dress up as a woman to get a job as a soap star?
A33) Tootsie

Q34) Which Bruce starred in Die Hard?
A34) Willis

Q35) Which singer won an Oscar for Moonstruck?
A35) Cher

Q36) Which bored housewife Shirley had an unforgettable Greek holiday
A36) Valentine.

Q37) What does an inventor tell Honey he has Shrunk in the 1989 movie?
A37) The Kids.

Q38) What does ET stand for in the 1982 film?
A38) ExtraTerrestrial.

Q39) Which disfigured Man did John Hurt portray in the 1980 film?
A39) The Elephant Man.

Q40) What was Richard Gere in the film with Debra Winger?
A40) An Officer and a Gentleman.


Q41) In which writer’s work would you encounter The Luggage?
A41) Terry Pratchett’s.

Q42) Which fictional detective is assisted by Captain Hastings?
A42) Hercule Poirot.

Q43) Films, The Firm, and The Pelican Brief were based on novels written by whom?
A43) John Grisham.

Q44) What was Jeffrey Archer’s sequel to Kane and Abel called?
A44) The Prodigal Daughter.

Q45) What is the first name of author, A. S. Byatt?
A45) Antonia.

Q46) In Alice in Wonderland,  what price did the Mad Hatter have in his hat?
A46) 10/6.

Q47) Which former hostage co-wrote Some Other Rainbow, with Jill Morrell?
A47) John McCarthy.

Q48) In which country were the opening chapters of “The Thorn Birds” set?
A48) Australia.

Q49) How is adventure & thriller writer, David Cornwell better known?
A49) John Le Carré.

Q50) Which English town is the main setting for the Brother Cadfæl novels?
A50) Shrewsbury.


Q51) In the word MODEM, ‘MO’ is short Modulator: what is the DEM short for?
A51) Demodulator.

Q52) La Coruña Airport is in which European country?
A52) Spain.

Q53) What shape is a swallow’s tail: forked, triangular or square?
A53) Forked.

Q54) Fidelio was the only opera by which German composer?
A54) Ludwig van Beethoven.

Q55) If your birthday takes place every four years, on what date is it?
A55) February 29th.

Q56) Bill Clinton’s daughter is named after which part of London?
A56) Chelsea.

Q57) What type of vehicle is a smack?
A57) A boat.

Q58) According to the proverb, what do the mice do, while the cat’s away?
A58) Play.

Q59) Whose the head of The Addams Family?
A59) Gomez Addams.

Q60) In which century was Coca Cola invented: the 18th, 19th or 20th?
A60) The 19th.

Enjoy those: I hope they’re useful.

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