Sunday, 4 September 2016

House of Cards — Series 4: Episodes 9 and 10 (Chapters 48 and 49)

You know … 

You KNOW you’ve had a bad day at work … 

When you hand out half a dozen CVs in the space of several hours.

No, trust me … 

I’m thinking, right now?   That’s there’s several things I could be doing, or saying.

Several places I’d rather be: and several places I’d rather not be.

Any of them that involved a secure financial future?   One with money, stability, and the prospect of being out of work?   AND the thought of not heading for my local Citizen’s Advice Bureau?

Would be welcome.

Still … 

I’ve made a decision: to leave work.

After what I fell is fairly unreasonable behaviour on the part od others.

Which is possibly saying more than I should.

But it should at least clarify a few things for you.
  • I’m in a godawful mood.
  • Have a busy day ahead of me, setting up benefits.
  • Have hard work finding employment ahead of me.
And seriously need something to do: AND some cheering up.

Frankly?   I chose to spend my time … in front of my TV.

Right now?

I AM wondering how long I can afford to pay for an internet connection, AND the associated router: that let’s me watch stuff on an Apple TV.


My mood seemed to call for one thing.

Two episodes of series four House of Cards.

Worrying about someone else’s problems?

Seemed the thing.


Episode 9 — Chapter 48 — sees Frank and Claire — Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright — pushing Secretary of State Cathy Durant — Jayne Atkinson — as Vice President.   Whilst, in a seemingly casual move at the Democrat’s national convention, one vote goes the way the First Lady.

It other areas?   It ALSO sees Frank having to deal with Governor Conway: in the heat of a private meeting: ostensibly about ICO, the show’s ISIS parallel.

Episode 10 — Chapter 49 — sees Frank having to deal with the one thing he didn’t expect: Secretary Durant getting Primary votes: naming her as a nominee for Democrat candidate for President.

Whilst Claire … ?

Gets a huge boost for the Underwood moves to name her as vice-presidential candidate … 

As her mother dies … 


Now … 



Right now, two episodes of House of Cards are — bar a guaranteed job — exactly what I needed to if not improve my mood, then certainly lift it.

The frantic helper skelter of an entirely fictional Presidential race?

Well, not with-stand the fact anything out of Donald Trump’s mouth, and any investigations in Hilary Clinton possibly make fiction look bland?

The fact is, that this series of House of Cards is looking fantastic: and, in Ellen Burstyn’s death?

Will be driving the rest of the action.

Go watch, guys, it’s looking good!

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