Thursday, 3 November 2016


Did I tell you that, back in  July, I voted in the referendum?

I did.

I voted Remain,  so you know: because I honestly believe staying in the EU to be the best decision.

I think the world knows what the overall result was, though.

My country voted to leave the EU.

What you may not know?

Is the campaigners have challenged the British government's position that to trigger the process of leaving is purely a government decision.

The High Court has ruled in the campaigners favour, today.


The Government must put triggering Article 50 - the process for leaving - to a parliamentary vote.


There's possibly a lot to say, there.

One quote I caught on the news?

Was from a campaigner who said this was about ‘ …process, not politics.’

My polite response, there?

Is an old term, similar to ‘bullocks.’

Of  course it's about politics.

Any time people disagree, it’s about politics.

My own personal view, though?

Is that Theresa May’s government could’ve moved much faster on leaving the Union.

As much as I’d rather we stayed … 

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