Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Class: Series 1 — Episode 3 - Nightvisiting

1st November, 2016.

You know, there’s very few fine things in life.

And yes: I’m very aware that your definition of ‘fine things in life,’ is going to be different to my definition.

Sometimes, though?

They might not be so different.

I’m assuming, here, we’ll agree about …

  • A good meal.
  • A fine wine: or whatever equivalent you prefer.   (Tea, coffee, beer, whatever.)
  • A bit of entertainment …
To be frank?

It’s the last that get’s my attention … 


You see, I’m something of a Dr Who fan: and kept up with Torchwood, whilst it lasted.

So … ?

My point, here, as that I was never one the listened to the Big Finish audio Dr Who stories.

But DID like the idea of more stories set in one of my favourite fictional universes.

Then Class started on online BBC channel, BBC 3.

And, after seeing the first two episodes, a few days ago … ?

I think I can include nominate Class to my ‘Fine Things’ list … 

Especially given Episode 3 …


Episode 3 — Nightvisiting — opens by introducing us to Class’s youngest character, Tanya: how her parents met, married … and had a child.

And how, two years prior to the start of the episode, Tanya}s much loved father, Jasper, died of a stroke.

And how, at the start of the episode … ?   Jasper appears: sitting by Tanya’s bedroom window.

Something Tanya is deeply suspicious of.

Meanwhile … ?

Meanwhile, Ram has contacted April, via Spype: as he needs help with his physics homework.

And, as the two talk … ?   Ram former girlfriend, Rachel, comes through his window.

He and April are shocked: as Rachel was killed in the first episode.

Whilst this is going on … ?

Charlie and Mattheusz are getting seriously acquainted: as Mattheusz has been kicked out by his parents over his relationship with Charlie.

Ever get the feeling Charlie and Mattheusz’s evening is going to be interrupted?


Now … fine things?

Yes … 

I’ll admit, the first two episodes of were pretty darn good: although the series needs developing.

Nightvisiting?   Adds quite a bit to the mix.

Although it doesn’t necessarily tell us more about Ram, or Mattheusz, it has built more of April’s back-story.   AND added a little more to Ms Quill.

AND, in focussing on Tanya, shown us more of the group’s youngest — and feistiest — member: leaving later episodes to focus on the rest of the group.

So far?

Class gets a fine, thumbs up from me.

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