Friday, 18 November 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 18-11-2016

Well … it’s Friday morning … 

Which means it’s pay day, and time to pay off the bills.

But it’s also a morning where — as ever — I’ve got Radio Four’s Today programme on.

The programme’s discussing a case where a now Dead 14-year-old cancer patent who wanted to be cryogenically preserved … has had her wish respected.

A judged has decide in the girl’s favour: and she is to be preserved at a facility in the United States.

Personally?   I’m very aware the legal decision is about the girl’s wishes for the disposal of her body, after death.

Which is fair enough.

But the idea of cryogenically preserving a body, in the belief that it can be healed at some very distant point in the future?

To me, seems very odd … !


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring five out of five.   (Although I’m tempted to give Olga four and a half!)

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 18th November, saw the wedding of Catherine Zeta Jones.   To whom?
Q2) More to the point, which of the couple is Welsh?
Q3) The original Saint Peter’s Basilica was consecrated: on 18th November, 326 AD.   The new Saint Peter’s Basilica was consecrated: on 18th November, 1626.   Both were — or are — in which City State?
Q4) Who was named as Pope: on 18th November, 2012?
Q5) Finally … Bell Labs introduced the push button phone: on 18th November, 1963.   But in which country?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) John Allen Muhammed was convicted of at least one killing in the Washington Sniper case: on 17th November, 2003.   In which year was he execution for the killings?
A1) 2009.
Q2) 17th November, 1978, saw the broadcast of which notoriously bad Star Wars spinoff?
Q3) The Zapatista Army of National Liberation was founded: on 17th November, 1983.   The left leaning militants are based in which country? 
A3) Mexico.
Q4) Who became King of Scotland: on 17th November, 1292?
Q5) Finally … The Blasket Islands were evacuated: on 17th November, 1953.   The Islands are off the coast of where?
A5) Ireland.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“What would be the point of having this job if I didn’t get to make up some of the maddest possible scenes I’ve ever had in my head since I was a kid?”
Steven Moffat, born 18th November, 1961.
And this tune …

Have a good day … !

*        It’s kind of why we suggested them to a co-worker, Olga: she works at a prison … so, just in case any of the inmates get REALLY snotty … (Hang on, the Star Wars Hospital Special?   I know people call it Car Crash TV, but that’s ridiculous!)

†        NOW, I’m curious, Debbi: I’m going to have to sit down with both of them … !   (I was talking to an old, friend, last night: via FB messenger, who’d asked me if I was planning to watch The Walking Dead.   I’m not tempted, to be frank.   Besides, it’d half to go at the back of the queue: behind The Strain, Dr Who, Class, Mr Robot, Stranger Things, House of Cards‡ …)

‡        Quite what’s going to happen to the plot lines, there … … 


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) Michael Douglas
Q2) Catherine Zeta Jones
Q3) The Vatican
Q4) Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria becomes the 118th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
Q5) United States
I don't know if it was the autocorrect or professional deformation (although it's an idea...) Yes, great suggestion...

Debbi said...

I also have an endless queue (sp?) of watching and reading material! :)

1. Michael Douglas
2. Catherine Zeta-Jones
3. Vatican City
4. Pope Francis
5. the United States