Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nightbreed — The Directors Cut: Interesting … 

3rd November, 2016.

You know, I’ve a pile of things I’ve gotten done.

And another pile: of things I’ve yet to do.

Places I’d like to be, and people I’d like to see.

But … ?

There’s a bit of wish fulfilment going on … 

At any rate … ?

At any rate, I had a quiet night in: with everything I needed doing, done?

I felt I could dig up something from my movie collection.

The film in question?   The 2014 Director’s cut of 1990s Clive Barker film, Nightbreed: based on Barker’s own Cabal.


I’m going into ‘Hmmm’ mode, here.


Originally released in 1990, Nightbreed introduces us to Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) and his girlfriend, Lori (Anne Bobby): an average couple living their lives: seemingly only bother by Boone’s bad dreams.

Dreams he’s been chewing over with his psychologist, Dr Decker (David Cronenberg), that see him fleeing to a mythical city of Midian: home of monsters … 

Monsters that Dr Decker reveals includes Boone, himself … 

Seems there’s a killer on the loose.

And that Hannibal Lecter isn’t the only murderous mental health worker doing the rounds.


Now … 

Hmmm’,  he says.

Now, I’ll admit it: it’s been a while since I’ve seen the original cut of Nightbreed.

An original cut that turns out to have had some quite extensive revision done.

It seems that 1990 version was not quite what Barker — doing directors duties, once more — wanted on the screen.   That … ?   Was a result of some heavy editing by the studio.

That original ending … ?

Has, in the director’s cut, been replaced with something Barker felt to be nearer the mark.

Does it make the film any better?

I really couldn’t tell you: it’s been some twenty-six years since I’ve seen that theatrical cut.

That ending?   That ending — with Eigerman reviving Decker, killed at the hands of Boone — has been replaced.

With one that sees Decker killing Captain Eigerman, Lori suiciding in order to remain at Boone’s side … 

And with the Night Breed hiding in a barn awaiting Boone’s return … 

I do know that — in early stages of the film — is wash‘t clear to me quite how Boone finds out where Midian is.

There’s other similar flaws.

But as a piece?

As an individual piece, I found the director’s cut of Nightbreed to be an interesting — if not entirely satisfying — film: that’s fine as things stands, and possibly deserves the extra footage added for this version … 

But maybe … 

Maybe the thing could well have been done better as a TV series.


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