Sunday, 29 October 2017

American Horror Story — Series 4: Freak Show — Episode 3 & 4: Edward Mordrake parts 1 & 2.

29th October, 2017.

Hmmm …

I guess it’s official official.

I have toothache.

A little more than just tooth-ache, actually.

I think … 

No, scrub that, I know one of my teeth is coming loose.

Which means I’m going to have to scout around Brentwood: to find an local NHS dentist, who’s both affordable, AND convenient.

Tricky one, that … 


At any rate … ?

It’s a quiet Sunday night.

I’m indoors.

And, of course, looking to keep myself entertained.


You’re right.

I’ve sat down with more American Horror Story, series 4: Freak Show.

And, given Jessica Lange’s performance as Madame Elsa Mars?

I can’t be the only one thinking of Lilli Marleen …


Episode 3Edward Mordrake Pt.1 — opens with a chap called Stanley (Dennis O’Hare), disguised as a Dr Mansfield, trying to sell a fake medical specimen to a museum.

Only to be turned away, as the fraud has been discovered.

He, and partner, Maggie (Emma Roberts) decide the only way to get a genuine medical oddity to sell on?

Is to find one of America’s last genuine freak shows, and see if murder can help them fill a hole.

Meanwhile?   In Madame Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities?

The troop have decided to not perform.

After all?   That could bring the ghost of the fearsome Edward Mortlake …


Episode 3Edward Mordrake Pt.2 — shows us the freak show having to deal with Mortlake.

The ghostly figure seeking genuine freaks to add to his ghostly troop: talking to Ethal (Kathy Bates), Legless Suzi (Rose Siggins*), Paul the Illustrated Seal (Mat Fraser†) and Elsa (Jessica Lange) herself.

Each of them has a story.

Each?   Intrigues him.

But all are rejected … 

When he hears the story told to him by Twisty … 


Now … 

How did I feel about this little lot?

Quite good, actually.

I’ve come to the conclusion — so far — that Freak Show is the strongest series of American Horror Story.

So far … !

I’ve not yet seen the later series, as yet.

Thus far?

These first four episodes of have given us a set of characters who are incredibly sympathetic: and drawing us into their lives, loves, needs and desires slowly, step by step … 

And with — at least for me — a sense that we want to get to know these people as friends.

Granted, we’ve not yet seen any menace or danger happen.

But, with Dandy killing his first victim?

I get the impression that menace … 

Is going to surface, soon.

Let’s see what happens, next time, shall we?

*        Sadly, Rose died in 2015, roughly a year after completing Freak Show.

†        Who, in addition to being a drummer for three different bands, has done a lot of work with various disability rights campaigns, in the UK.

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