Sunday, 8 October 2017

House of Cards — Series 5: Episodes 5 and 6 — Chapter 57 & 58

8th October, 2017.

Hmmm … 

I’ve got to confess to being mildly worried … ish.

I think … 

I bumped onto one of the neighbours today.

Who — purely in a spirit of neighbourly concern — mentioned she felt I was putting on just a little too much weight.

She’s got a point, I think.

Although, unfortunately?

It sort of comes with the job.

Sitting at a desk, all day, doesn’t exactly get you a lot of exercise, or healthy eating.

I do try and get myself up Warley Hill, though: at least once a day.

Not something I’m finding easy.   The heavier I get, the harder it is to walk up the hill: and the heavier I get as a result.

Very discouraging.

Discouraging … 

And something I’ll have to have a word with my GP about, I think: as and when the appointment comes around.

In November!

I think the National Health Service is a national treasure.   But it CAN take a while!

About the only possible upside?

Was that I that I’d just — literally — come back from Brentwood High Street, after doing some shopping.

I’d had something vaguely resembling healthy exercise.

That went well with an evening slobbing out in front of the TV: watching more episodes of … 

House of Cards … !


Episode 5Chapter 57 — starts nine weeks after a bitterly contested election.   With two states refusing to declare results?

It means Congress will have to vote on it.

Frank (Kevin Spacey)?   Is possibly in his element.   As former congressional chief whip, he knows how to deal with congressmen … 

Episode 6Chapter 58 — sees the ultimate manœuvre take place.

That temporarily sees President Underwood take over the White House.

President Claire Underwood (Robin Wright).

An increasingly confident Claire, taken on President Petrov (Lars Mikkelson) who’s denying anthing To do with the unidentified troops in the Antarctic … or the kidnapping of a prominent NSA contractor … !


Now … 

Granted, I have to take care of my health.

Which, as another friend pointed out, is not helped by chocolate.

And, granted, I could’ve spent my Sunday evening jogging.

But … ?

I’ve sat myself down in front of two more episode in a riveting series.

Roll on the next couple of episodes!

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