Thursday, 12 October 2017

House of Cards — Series 5: Episode 7 & 8 — Chapters 59 & 60

12th October, 2017.

This is going to sound like one of those daft confessions — hell, it is on of those daft confessions — that you possibly only get at night.

After staring at a screen, all day.

No, I’ve not been at work.

I’ve bee at home, house keeping: and making more videos for some up-coming teasers.

But, just for the usual change of scene?

I felt I owed my self a … TV show!

Yep: more episodes of series five of House of Cards.

Well, you HAVE to: it’s on better form than Lights Out


Episode 7Chapter 59 — gives us a crisis: Claire, Frank and the then present White House staff?   Have to be ushered into the White House bunker: as someone is driving a truckbomd around the Washington  DC area: with a clear intention of doing some damage.

Episode 8Chapter 60 — opens with Frank (Kevin Spacey) at a meeting of the Elysium Fields: a quasi-masonic take on the Bilderberg Group of very important people.

He wants to recruit some of them, in helping him win the presidency.

In the meantime, Acting President Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) has been doing some recruiting of her own.

Former junior minister, Jane Davis (Patricia Clarkson) has come in very handy, in rescuing a stranded Russian ship.

With the help of the Chinese …


Is series five of House of Cards still looking good?

Yep: the plot’s still twisty — as you’d expect with Frank Underwood involved — and the characters still have depth.

There’s even the potential sight of Frank getting a potential downfall.

As, in chapter 60, Tom Hammerschmidt of the Washington Herald — passionately played by Boris McGiver — gets given footage of the death of Zoe Barnes.

We’re in for interesting times, I think.


Just as a final thought for you?

The past few weeks, I’ve been writing these TV and movie posts in my copy of Apple’s word processing software, Pages.

I find it easier, somewhat, to write them with Pages, then copy and paste them into the online form that Blogger uses to let me write a post.

Who knows, some day, I might just start doing that with the Teasers.

My point?

My confession, the one I was going to open this post with?

Was simply that I happen to like Hœfler, the serif font Apple have included with Mac OS since 1991.

Strange, but true.

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