Sunday, 10 December 2017

When It Snows … 

10th December, 2017.

OK, we knew it was — possibly — coming.

Yep … 

Brentwood’s got snow!

I should know: I’ve just been out in it.


I’m not surprised things got cancelled … 


As I mentioned in this morning’s Daily Teaser, the family were due to visit my aunty in Kent.

Ot got cancelled, because of the snow we’ve had, today.

From what I’m told by the BBC’s news channel?

It’s a lot heavier, the further north you go.

I’m hoping everyone in North England’s OK: I’d hate to see Teaser, Olga, go top over tail.

I’m also worried enough to make sure my Mum keeps in touch with my aunt: JUST to be on the safe side.


I’ve ALSO just been out.

I was thinking staying in all day would’ve driven me nuts!

Right at the moment?

It’s not good out there.

We’ve an inch of snow, at a guess.

And the snow that’s been compress under the heavier, snow-slowed, traffic.

Has meant that two cars — at least, two that I saw — couldn’t get up Warley Hill with out being pushed part-way by a group of helpful kids.

Who then went back to their snowball fight.

Just as helpfully?

On the way back home, and on Rollason Way, itself, I got passed by two cars.

Who I flagged down and told to go back home.

If you do want to go somewhere by car?

I seriously suggest you don’t.

Unless you absolutely have to, or the gritters have been.

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