Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Dr Who Series 7: The Christmas Day Special: The Snowmen.

The Doctor
Matt Smith

I HAVE to admit, I’m due over my Mum’s, today.

THIS time … ?

This time, we’re all celebrating my nephew, Jude’s, second birthday.

He’s two today.

Dr Simeon
Richard E. Grant

Yes … you’d ALREADY worked that out, hadn’t you … ?

At ANY rate … ?   I’ve actually got this years’s Dr Who Christmas — The Snowmen
 — on in the background.

An Evil Snowflake

You can TELL I’m impressed, can’t you … ?


Set in the 1890s, The Snowmen sees the Doctor in self imposed isolation after the deaths of Amy and Rory.

Isolation that’s interrupted when he meets a barmaid called Clara, who’s showing curiosity about both the Doctor, AND by old friends, Vastra, Jenny and Strax: with ALL of them concerned by the mysterious snowmen cropping up around London.

Jenna Louise Coleman

 Those Snowmen … ?

It seems those Snowmen are the intentional work of the abominable Dr Simeon.

Madam Vastra
Neve Campbell

Dr Simeon … And the original snowman that had seduced him as a child …

Which calls itself the Intelligence.

Lots of remote controlled Snowmen.   An intelligence looking for a body.

Is this starting to sound familiar … ?


It bloody well should, actually: given that long term fans will have realised that there’s several references — deeply in the mix — to Patrick Troughton stories, The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear.

But The Snowmen is not a straight lift from its earlier root stories.

Oh, no.

Moffat and company have managed to take an idea or two from its classic incarnation, mixed them up, modernised them, and presented them afresh.

Jenny Flint
Casitlin Stewart
And what’s, introduced us to a fresh ensemble cast of characters, an interestingly old school villain, re-invigorated an old monster.

AND introduced a new companion, killed her off, and then teased us with a new version of the same character.

Hmmm … 

I think the rest of Season 7’s going to be interesting.

To paraphrase Videodrome … ?

All hail the new flesh … !
Dan Starkey

New Tardis Interior
The Great Intelligence
Sir Ian McKellan

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