Saturday, 8 December 2012

Ted: Now that’s what I call fun … !

You know, I’ll HAPPILY admit that’s it’s not often, just recently, that I’ll catch a movie in the afternoon.

Or in company.

But I’ve just done both: as, only a couple of days ago, it was Kevin D’s birthday.

If THAT’S not an excuse to treat a friend to their choice of iTunes rental, I don’t know what is.

Kevin’s choice … ?

Kevin’s choice was the recently released, 2012 film, ted.

My word, Kevin can pick ’em, sometimes … !


Which sounds a bit iffy, now I look at how I’ve written that last sentence.

But I’m speaking positively, here.

Directed, co-produced and written by Family Guy show-runner, Seth McFarlane*, ted introduces us to a young boy — John Bennett, played by Brett Manley in the intro and Mark Wahlberg in the rest of the film — making a wish that the teddy bear he’s given by his parents as a Christmas present, really could talk.

And making that wish — unknowingly — on a shooting star.

That little bit of Christmas-time magic … ?

That bit of Christmas time magic sees John’s wish come true, as the bear starts talking.

Frightening John’s parents up on to the kitchen furniture.   And earning Ted — as the bear inevitable becomes known — some celebrity status.

Which, as any of us will tell you, last’s about five minutes.

It’s only as John grows up, and starts thinking about marrying long-term girlfriend, Loriª, that he realises there’s a possible problem, there …

His only OTHER long term relationship is rather a rather foul mouthed bear … 


Now, the proverbial scores on the doors … ?

Are going to be rather good, I think … !

ted is … 

OK, ted is not going to be the sort of film that answers the deep meaningful questions of life, the universe and everything.

Nor is it going to win the Cannes Pälmè Ârté award for extreme Artyness.

However, ted is a silly, stupid, daft, and just plain out and out FUN film: that had Kevin and I laughing out loud several times.

And that makes it — as Kevin himself said — worth buying.
Kevin: ★★★☆   
Paul: ★★★☆   
Average: ★★★☆   

*        Who also voices the title character.

ª        The ever delightful, Mila Kuni, who I’d last seen in The Book Of Eli

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