Sunday, 9 December 2012

Merlin Series 5 – Episode 10: The Kindness Of Strangers

Finna (Sorcha Cusack)

You know, I’m REALLY going to have to start putting in a warning note, aren’t I … ?   About how — if you see a date IN a post, rather than in the post’s header — that it’s taken me a while to write it.

Or, at least, that I’ve started it on one day, to be picked up on another.

Which is what I’m thinking I’m going to have to do with this post.
Alator of Catha (Gary Lewis)

I have to admit to having come over all tired … 

But … ?

But sufficient to say, I’ve seen tonight’s episode of the last series of Merlin, and come away … if not impressed, then certainly having enjoyed my self.

And been very aware that the show’s writers and producers have decided it’s time to mention Camlann.

We get ever closer, don’t we … ?



The Kindness of Strangers opens with the return of an old character: Alator of the Catha, who we’d last seen in the fourth series
Working for Morgana, torturing Gaius.

The difference, this time … ?

Is that Morgana is interested in information her old enemy, Emrys*: and keen to have a serious chat with Alator, the only person she knows has information about him.

There’s other factors …

One of them being Finna, Alator’s ally, keen to both meet Merlin … AND pass on a message to him …


Now …

Was this a good episode … ?

Actually, yes, it was!   The Kindness of Strangers is not only building towards the end of the series — as I think I’ve said, there’s a mention of the Battle Of Camlann in it — and on top of that, is a fantastically paced, beautifully written and acted thriller of an episode.

And one can’t say fairer than that …

*        Who is, of course, a heavily disguised Merlin.

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