Saturday, 1 December 2012

Merlin — Series 5: Episode 9 — With All My Heart

Arthur — Bradley James

Merlin — Colin Morgan
 Wowsa … !

Arthur and Mordred —
 Bradley James and Alexander Vlahos
Or, at least I think it’s possibly a Wowsa …
The Dolmìr — Colin Morgan

Guinevere and Arthur —
Angel Coulby and Bradley James
 Actually, possibly not: now I come to think of it.
Mordred and Merlin —
Alexander Vlahos and Colin Morgan

I’d better get explaining, hadn’t I … ?

Yes, I think I should.


It’s Saturday.   You’d noticed, hadn’t you?   At least, if you hadn’t I’d like to know why … !

That means I’m usually watching something.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve already worked out I’ve been watching the BBC and Shine version of Merlin from series 1: right up to tonight’s episode.

Episode 9, of series five, called With All My Heart: just so you know.

And I have to admit: I liked it … 


With All My Heart opens with as Guinevere sneaks out of Camelot, late one night, to deliver the planned route of a delivery to Morgana.

The twist to the opener … is that Gwen’s being observed by Arthur: accompanied by Merlin.

And Arthur, on finding out the traitor in the heart of Camelot is his wife … 

Is OBVIOUSLY not happy.

Though, as Merlin points out, there’s an alternative to using a sword.

Although — as the episode progresses — Arthur’s decision to seek help for his bewitched queen is not as easy as one would imagine.

It definitely tests Merlin’s abilities to wear a frock … … … … 


Now … 

I’m hearing you ask if this was a good episode … ?

Yes, it was, frankly: although the opening pre-title sequence has something of a plot hole — in NOT explaining how Arthur has been made aware of his wife’s treachery, in the space of a week — the whole episode rolls along at a nice pace.

Actually, at a superb pace!

Complete with enough tension to certainly have me nibbling my nails.

And, although it brings the Guinevere as traitor storyline to a neat close, in the run up to the last ever episode, it does so in a way I personally found very satisfying.

Thus far … ?

Thus far, Merlin’s last series is proving worth of its name.

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