Saturday, 22 December 2012

Merlin Series 5 Episode 12: Diamond of the Day — Part 1

I’m going to be frank, here: I’ve just started writing this post with a bear minimum of actually screen-grabs and photos.

Which I’ll be adding, as soon as the penultimate episode of Merlin’s last series finishes ripping*.

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, tonight’s episode of MerlinDiamond of the Day — Part 1 — is the twelfth in the fifth and last series. is one mightily impressive piece of work.

Opening with Morgana torturing one of her troops, it sees her sending a trained trooper to break into Camelot to set a magical creature on Merlin.

A hideous, leech-like, creature called a Gæn Canach that sucks its victims dry of any magical power.

Which it does to Merlin.

Leaving him to seek out the Crystal Cave — last seen in Series Three — to recuperate his power.

Just in time, in fact.

As, in order to do this, he’s had to abandon King Arthur: as the latter is forced to the Plain of Camlann, to confront Morgana and Mordred’s army.

By outflanking them … 

The last ever episode of Merlin will be on Christmas Eve, on BBC 1 at 8·15pm.

It’s going to be tight … 

*        I tend — and this is slightly iffy legal territory, sometimes, I know — to record TV series’ I like onto DVD, then use Handbrakeº to copy it across — or rip — to my hard drive.   Laws are relaxing on this, however: ESPECIALLY for personal use.

º        Windoze users will need a copy of Handbrake and DVD43 to do this.

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