Sunday, 2 June 2013

Gangster Squad — Sometimes, Old School’s the best Way to Go …

1st June, 2013.

You know, sometimes, it’s good to catch a movie.

No, really: it’s good to catch a movie, it really is.

Usually, there’s only one thing better, sometimes.

That’s catching a movie, in company.

If you run that past Kevin D, he’ll hopefully tell you exactly the same thing.

And, given it’s been a while since he was over, I’m glad he happened to mentioned he had both a free evening: and had spotted a couple of titles on the iTunes store that he felt would make for entertaining watches.

I’m glad he did.

I know I was glad of the company, tonight.

Actually … ?

I’m both glad of the company … and the movies he thought of.   One of which, the 2012, Ruben Fleischer directed, Gangster Squad.

I have to say, they don’t make them like that anymore.

So it’s nice to see SOMEONE give it a go!


2nd June, 2013

Now, you’re probably wonder about that phrase, aren’t you … ?

Let me try and summarise.

Gangster Squad sees Josh Brolin as Sargent John O’Mara: a tough and unconventional LA cop who’s given one job: that of assembling a team of equally tough cops, in order to use the most unconventional methods possibly to take down Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn.)

Very unconventional: including raiding several of Cohen’s casino’s and nightclubs: sans warrants, but with blazing machine guns, and masks.

Until, one day … ?   One day, Cohen realise’s he’s being bugged … and set up … 

And decides to break out the heavy mob … !


Now, I said they don’t make them like that any more … ?

I’m right, I think: they don’t.

That is — depending on your taste for these things — either a good or bad thing.

But I think both myself and Kevin agreed, last night: that Gangster Squad is a very old school gangster film, with parts broadly reminiscent of The Magnificent Seven*, and the original TV version of Dragnet†.

Old school.   Possibly mildly unoriginal.   And with more blazing machine guns than you can shake Edward G Robinson at … 

But, my God, it was fun … !
Gangster SquadPaul        ★★★☆Kevin      ★★★☆

*        Where O’Meara parts the squad together: I have to admit, I was seriously tempted to wave assorted amounts of fingers around.

†        Something I know I mentioned to Kevin.

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