Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 19-6-2013: Spies Like us … 

It’s got to be said, for once … it’s actually a nice day!

Believe it or not!

So I’m to try and make posting this week’s Brentwood Gazette Teaser as quick as possible.

JUST so I can go out and enjoy some sun.

Whilst avoiding a sun tan: me getting me shirt off to get one will probably make my neighbours complain.

Or phone the coastguard to tell them there’s a beached whale, twenty miles inland … !

At ANY rate … 


At ANY rate, let’s get a shift on … !

Here’s this week’s questions … 

Q1) 19th June saw Julius and Ethel Rosenburg executed for spying on the USA.   In which year of the 1950s … ?

Q2) Which country were they spying for … ?

Q3) They were passing information about what, to the enemy: encryption, the A-bomb or US Army plans … ?

Q4) At which prison were they executed: Alcatraz, Sing Sing or Folsom … ?

Q5) In which US state is that prison … ?

Q6) Moving on … what’s the name of the USA’s intelligence agency … ?

Q7) What’s the UK’s foreign intelligence agency … ?

Q8) The chief of that agency is known by which letter: M, C, X or I … ?

Q9) What name Britain’s counter-intelligence and security service … ?

Q10) And finally … Britain’s signals intelligence is the Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ.   In which Gloucestershire town is GCHQ … ?

And here’s last weeks questions and answers.


Q1) 12th June saw the Peasant’s Revolt reach Blackheath.   In which year was the Peasant’s Revolt … ?

Q2) Under the rule of which English King … ?

Q3) Blackheath is now — predominantly — in which London borough: Lewisham, Greenwich or Camden … ?

Q4) The revolt famously started in Fobbing: and which other Essex town … ?

Q5) The Revolt started when peasants rebelled against the collection of what: a land tax, a window tax or a poll tax … ?

Q6) One contributing factor in the Revolt was a labour shortage caused — roughly thirty years earlier — by which disease: HIV/AIDS, leprosy or the Black Death … ?

Q7) What was the name of the Lollard preacher famously involved with the Revolt … ?

Q8) Which of the Revolt’s leader’s led insurgents from a church in Great Baddow … ?

Q9) The Blackheath meeting saw the Essex contingent of the Revolt met by the Kentish contingent: who led the Kentish contingent … ?

Q10) And finally … The Peasant’s Revolt’s climaxed in which London area: Smithfield, Spitalfields or Saint John’s Wood … ?


A1) 1381.

A2) Richard 2nd.

A3) Lewisham.

A4) Brentwood.   (OK, who got this wrong … ?)

A5) A poll tax.

A6) The Black Death.

A7) John Ball.

A8) Jack Straw.

A9) Wat Tyler.

A10) Smithfield.

The Gazette’s two sites have links, so you know.

Enjoy the week … !

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