Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Brentwood Gazette — 12-6-2013: The Peasants Revolt

Oh, now that’s something for grapple fans.

Seems Kevin D’s wrestling school is due to play Brentwood, again: on the 22nd of June, just in case you’d not seen the poster.

The sad bit — from where Kevin, and other wrestling fans are sitting — was that Kevin a funeral, yesterday:  that of noted wrestler, Mick McManus.

He’ll be much missed, I’m sure.

At ANY rate … ?


At any rate, today’s Wednesday: obviously, that means it’s the day for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser.

Here’s this week’s themed questions, along with the usual Creative Commons License
Q1) 12th June saw the Peasant’s Revolt reach Blackheath.   In which year was the Peasant’s Revolt … ?
Q2) Under the rule of which English King … ?
Q3) Blackheath is now — predominantly — in which London borough: Lewisham, Greenwich or Camden … ?
Q4) The revolt famously started in Fobbing: and which other Essex town … ?
Q5) The Revolt started when peasants rebelled against the collection of what: a land tax, a window tax or a poll tax … ?
Q6) One contributing factor in the Revolt was a labour shortage caused — roughly thirty years earlier — by which disease: HIV/AIDS, leprosy or the Black Death … ?
Q7) What was the name of the Lollard preacher famously involved with the Revolt … ?
Q8) Which of the Revolt’s leader’s led insurgents from a church in Great Baddow … ?
Q9) The Blackheath meeting saw the Essex contingent of the Revolt met by the Kentish contingent: who led the Kentish contingent … ?
Q10) And finally … The Peasant’s Revolt’s climaxed in which London area: Smithfield, Spitalfields or Saint John’s Wood … ?
Here’s last week’s questions and answers …
Q1) 5th June saw Apple introduce their first international hit, the Apple 2.   In which year of the 1970s … ?
Q2) More to the point, what was the name of their original computer, released earlier in the 1970s … ?
Q3) Equally to the point, which of Apple’s co-founders was the designer of these machines … ?
Q4) The other Apple co-founder died in 2011: what was his name … ?
Q5) That other co-founder also formed which film company: Pixar, Dreamworks or Aardman … ?
Q6) What was that film company’s first commercially successful film … ?
Q7) More to the point, what was that company’s most recent film … ?
Q8) Apple famously make the iPhone and iPad.   What was the name of the music player they introduced in 2001 … ?
Q9) The company introduced their Macintosh computer line with a famous advert during the US Superbowl.   Which English director made that ad: Danny Boyle, Ridley Scott or Ken Loach
Q10) And finally … In which year of the 1980s did they introduce the Macintosh line of computers … ?
A1) 1977.
A2) The Apple, or Apple 1, as it later became known.   (It’s also considered fairly revolutionary, for its time: it was the first home computer you could use, plugged into a portable TV set and keyboard.   At a time when other computers were programmed and operated with switches and lights.)
A3) Steve Wozniak.   (There’s an argument that in inventing the Apple 1, Wozniak invented what we now call the personal computer: a machine easily usable by the layman, plugged into an affordable monitor and keyboard.)
A4) Steve Jobs.
A5) Pixar.
A6) ‘Toy Story’.
A7) Brave.
A8) The iPod.
A9) Ridley Scott.
A10) 1984.
Enjoy those: have a good week.

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