Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Brentwood Gazette Weekly Teaser — 5-6-2013

Blimey … 

I have to admit, I’ve got a documentary on, about the Voyager trips, to the outer planets of out solar system.

Which I have to admit, is a repeat: but one that, nonetheless, is a fascinating one to catch!

Although, admittedly, one with tons of dead people … 

Mmmm … 

Let’s move on, shall we … ?


After all, it’s Wednesday: which means, of course, that it’s the day for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser.

Here’s this week’s questions, along with the usual License* …
Q1) 5th June saw Apple introduce their first international hit, the Apple 2.   In which year of the 1970s … ?
Q2) More to the point, what was the name of their original computer, released earlier in the 1970s … ?
Q3) More to the point, which of Apple’s co-founders was the designer of these machines … ?
Q4) The other Apple co-founder died in 2011: what was his name … ?
Q5) That other co-founder also formed which film company: Pixar, Dreamworks or Aardman … ?
Q6) What was that film company’s first commercially successful film … ?
Q7) Mote to the point, what was that company’s most recent film … ?
Q8) Apple famously make the iPhone and iPad.   What was the name of the music player they introduced in 2001 … ?
Q9) The company introduced their Macintosh computer line with a famous advert during the US Superbowl.   Which English director made that ad: Danny Boyle, Ridley Scott or Ken Loach
Q10) And finally … In which year of the 1980s did they introduce the Macintosh line of computers … ?
And here’s last week’s questions and answers …
Q1) 29th May, 1953, saw Hillary and Norgay complete their climb of Mount Everest: name either of the countries Mount Everest is in.
Q2) More to the point, HALF of Mount Everest is in what used to be where … ?
Q3) Which Commonwealth country did Edmund Hillary come from … ?
Q4) Similarly, which country was Mr Norgay from … ?
Q5) What was his first name … ?
Q6) Which ethnic group did he belong to … ?
Q7) How high is Everest: 27,029 ft, 29,029 ft or 31,029 ft … ?
Q8) What’s the Tibetan name for Mount Everest … ?
Q9) Most of the mountain’s native names translate as Holy what: father, mother or child … ?
Q10) And finally … in which mountain range is Mount Everest … ?
A1) Nepal and/or China: seemingly, the border goes through it.
A2) Tibet.   (The Chinese occupation of Tibet only went into high gear, with the fleeing of the Dalai Lama in 1959: six years AFTER the first ascent.)
A3) New Zealand.
A4) Nepal.
A5) Tenzing.
A6) The Sherpas.
A7) 29,029 ft.   (That’s just shy of five ands a half MILES.   Base jump from THAT … !)
A8) Qomolangma: or Chomolungma, in some spellings.
A9) Mother.
A10) The Himalayas.
Enjoy those.

*        Regulars will know already: but for newcomers … all it means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back — either to here or to the Brentwood Gazette’s version of the questions — would also be appreciated.

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