Saturday, 15 April 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 15-4-2017

Hmmm … 

Did I ever mention I’m a Dr Who fan?

I’m a Dr Who fan: you’ve possibly noticed.

So I’m a fan who’s kicking himself, today.

I’m kicking myself for not getting the day off: when the opening episode of series ten is on.

What CAN I tell you?

I CAN tell you I’ve caught a clip of Peter Capaldi being interviewed by Graham Norton.

One where he says he’s ‘already filmed his character’s death.’

At a guess?   The Christmas episode will be interesting.

That’s point a.

Point b … ?

I don’t know for sure.   But think the 13th Doctor has been cast: and the 12th knows who it is … 


Let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring ten out of ten.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 15th April, 1892, saw the found of US giant, General Electric.   The company’s HQ is in which US state?
Q2) 15th April is World Art Day.   Which art has pitch, rhythm and timbre?
Q3) In US sport, 15th April is Jackie Robinson Day.   The player broke which sport’s colour bar?
Q4) Which Concentration camp was liberated by British troops: on 15th April, 1945?
Q5) Finally … Britain’s worst sporting disaster took place at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield: on 15th April, 1989.   How many people were killed as a result?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 

Q1) 14th April saw the launch of the first Space Shuttle mission.   It was known as STS … what?
A1) STS 1.
Q2) STS stood for Space Transportation … what?
A2) System.
Q3) The flight pilot was Robert L. who?
A3) Robert Laurel Crippen.
Q4) Captain John Young was the mission … what?
A4) Commander.
Q5) The ‘shuttle,’ itself, is technically called the what: orbiter, ovoid or onomatopoeia?
A5) Orbiter.
Q6) Which of those shuttles was involved in this first flight: the Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.
A6) The Columbia.
Q7) The mission was launched from the John F. Kennedy Space Centre.   The Space Centre is in which US state?
A7) Florida.
Q8) The first launch had two Extravehicular Mobility Units on board.   These allowed the crew to do what: use the space toilet, do a space walk or play golf?
A8) Space walk: or EVA, if you want to be picky.   If you want to be even pickier you could ALSO say it lets you poo.   The Maximum Absorbency Garment is the part of the suit … and best described as a nappy …
Q9) Robert McCall designed which part of this first mission?
A9) The insignia: the patch on the spacesuits, in other words.
Q10) Finally … The launch was on 12th April … of which year of the 1980s?
A10) 1981.
I’ll leave you with a thought …
“But if anyone believes that our smiles involve abandonment of the teaching of Marx, Engels and Lenin he deceives himself poorly. Those who wait for that must wait until a shrimp learns to whistle.” 
Nikita Khrushchev, 15 April 1894 – 11 September 1971.
A song … 

The Last Jedi trailer … 

And a reminder: that today’s questions will be answered in tomorrow’s Teaser.

Have a nice day.

*        I seem to recall, Olga, Beachy Head’s had that reputation for a long time.   I can remember hearing  mentions of it being used as a suicide point in an old Tony Hancock episode: and there’s someone else who’s been lost to it.   ‘Darkest night,’ indeed.   And I’ver known a few schizophrenics in my time.   Hmmm … I don’t know how common it is: but most of the schizophrenics I’ve met, blame their cannabis use for aggravating, if not triggering, their condition.   Very anecdotal, I know: but it always makes me grateful I gave that up, to!

†        I remember seeing it on TV, Debbi: the launch and the landing were all over the news!   Quite something to watch.   Actually?   I’ve not watched it in years — I was never a big fan of the soaps — but EastEnders usually is good on current slang.   At least, slang from in and around London.   Quite how Coronation Street does on that front, I couldn’t tell you.


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) Massachusetts
Q2) Music
Q3) Baseball
Q4) Bergen-Belsen
Q5) 96 (I drive past the stadium very often and worked not very far from there for quite a while…)
I'm not going to try and second-guess your knowledge of Dr Who. I think you're right. The Last Jedi looks fantastic.
Yes, indeed. Beachy Head has had that reputation for a long time. I agree about the Cannabis. It seems that people who start smoking it before the age of 15 are also more likely to develop the illness, but the combination is not good either (and of course, Cannabis these days is much stronger than people realise when they think about the Flower Power Sixties).

Debbi said...

Interesting choice of song. Haven't heard it in ages!

1. Massachusetts
2. music
3. baseball
4. Bergen-Belsen
5. 96 (heavens!)