Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 19-4-2017

Oh, now that had me worried.

I was coming home last night.

On a train delayed by work at Wickford, I should add!

The annoying thing about that, was that is wasn’t the first time its happened!

The thing that really annoyed me?

Was the electronic ticker tape machine: the one many trains have, to tell you which station the train will stop at next.

The one I saw last night had me worried.

The train I got on was going to be stopping at Ingatestone and Shenfield.

The sign was telling me it was going to stop at Braintree Freeport: several miles away, in the opposite direction.

Well, it had me worried.


In other news?

Britain’s facing a General Election on the 8th June.

Hmmm … 

Somehow,  I can’t say I’m surprised.

I’m just thinking, how the hell do I vote?

I’m still not voting Tory: nor UKIP.

Nor am I intent on voting Lib-Dem: with all due apologies to my former party of choice, I’ve still not quite forgiven them the Coalition.

Labour?   Hmmm … If there’d been a snap election, after Jeremy Corbyn was named as leader, I’d’ve gone for it.   Now, I’m not so sure.

I’m sorely tempted to carry doing what I’ve been doing, and vote Green.

In the midst of all this?

Theresa May has ruled out doing any TV debates.

Is something I feel will hand any opposition parties an advantage.

The additional fact that my external computer speakers have decided to blow … 

Is entirely incidental!


Let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) The small South American town, 19 de Abril, is in which South American country?
Q2) Urdu and Bengali were recognized as official languages: on 19th April, 1954.   By which country: Bangladesh, Pakistan or India?
Q3) The first space station was launched on 19th April, 1971: by the USSR.   What WAS that Station called: Salyut 1, Skylab or the International Space Station?
Q4) Australia named its national anthem: on 19th April, 1984.   What’s that anthem’s name?
Q5) Finally … The German Bundestag opened: on 19th April, 1999.   Germany’s equivalent of the House of Commons is in which German city?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 

Q1) Which famous physicist died on 18th April, 1955?
Q2) 18th April, 1935, saw the birth of voice actor, Jerry Dexter.   Which character did he voice in Goober and the Ghost Chasers?
A2) Ted.
Q3) 18th April, 1978, saw the US Senate back a treaty: that transferred control of the Panama Canal.   To whom?
A3) Panama.
Q4) Joan of Arc was beatified: on 18th April, 1909.   Beatification is one of the early stages of being made a what?
A4) Saint.
Q5) Finally … The UN’s judicial branch held its inaugural meeting in The Hague: on 18th April, 1946.   What’s the name of that judicial branch?
I’ll leave you with a thought …
“I used to have a joke with the crowd, but I never let it interfere with my decision making. And that took all of the pressure off me.”
Umpire, Dickie Bird, born 19 April 1933.
And a tune from Alexis Korner … 

Today’s questions get answered in tomorrow’s Teaser.

Have a good day.

*        Lot’s of b*sterds, you mean, Olga?   Yeah, that’s fairly old-school monarchy … !   And somehow, not very surprising.   I think about half of the UK’s assorted duchies have similar roots: the original holders were the illegitimate offspring of assorted kings.   And it’s well known Prince Charles was … umm … dating Camilla Parker Bowles … whilst he was still married to Princess Diana. At any rate, enjoy that book fair!   Do well with it!

†        Mick have to check hime out, then, Debbi: lasers notwithstanding!   And I hope they keep her.   Bill and Pearl Mackie have gone down well.   At least, according to the Twitterati … !


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Yes, indeed. You're right. At the book festival I'm only taking a few of my books in English (I still have quite a few paper copies left that I never sold in previous events... Not very hopeful) but I'm there because I'm one of the associates of one of the organisations running the event, so it costs me rather than making me money (that tends to be the case for most writers unless you're very well known) but perhaps I'll get some of the other authors interested in my translations...
Have a good day and if I have a chance I'll keep you posted.

Debbi said...

Very cool! I've been recommending Terry Pratchett to everyone! In fact, I ran across someone reading one of his books in a restaurant when I was in L.A. So, I had to ask her how she liked it. Had a wonderful conversation. That's one thing you miss with e-readers. Those chance encounters! :)

1. Uruguay
2. India
3. Salyut 1
4. I'll Drink Ya Under the Table! Just kidding, Australia! :) My lame attempt at a Python-esque joke. It's really Advance Australia Fair.
5. Berlin

Please don't give points off for the bad joke! :)