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The Friday Question Set — 29-3-2013


It’s Good Friday … !

And to be frank, the chance to — once more — stuff myself silly with Hot Cross Buns is one I’m … 

Well … 

Really not bothered about, actually.

It’s only a bun, after all!


But one that is — much like some that regularly crops up, here — around on a Friday.

Yes … You’re right.

That WAS a bad link for the Friday Question Set, wasn’t … ?

At ANY rate, here’s THIS week’s Friday Question set: covered, as ever, by the usual License*.

Online 196   

Q1) The largest Greek population, outside Greece, is, apparently in which New York Borough: Queens, Manhattan or the Bronx?   
A1) Queens.

Q2) What word can go after ‘bottle’ and before ‘manager’?   
Q2) ‘Bank’.

Q3) In which British institution did Karl Marx write Das Capital?   
A3) The British Museum.

Q4) What was the name of the family, in The Beverly Hillbillies?   
A4) Clampett.

Q5) Where on the body might a cataract appear?   
A5) An eye.

Q6) Who did Bianca de Macias marry, in 1971?   
A6) Mick Jagger

Q7) What word describes linking computers together?   
A7) Networking.

Q8) In printing and editing, what do the initials UC stand for?   
A8) Upper Case.

Q9) Cob is the name given to the young of which bird?   
A9) The Swan.

Q10) Trumpets and cornets belong to which group of musical instruments?   
A10) Brass.


Q11) Græme Le Saux was born in which Islands?   
A11) The Channel Islands.

Q12) Which London based sporting event did Dionico Ceron win for 3 years in a row?   
A12) The London Marathon.

Q13) At which US sports event did Janet Jackson famously suffer a wardrobe malfunction?   
A13) The Superbowl.

Q14) In which sport do participants wear sheepskin nosebands?   
A14) Horse–Racing.

Q15) How many league goals did Bobby Charlton score for Manchester United?   
A15) 199.

Q16) Which football club plays at the Riverside Stadium?   
A16) Middlesbrough.

Q17) With which sport do you associate TV commentator, Julian Wilson?   
A17) Horse–racing.

Q18) Steve Bloomer is associated with which sport?   
A18) Football.

Q19) On what surface is curling played?   
A19) Ice.

Q20) After which horny animal is the Leeds Rugby Super League team named?   
A20) Rhinos.


Q21) Who played the title role in Spartacus?   
A21) Kirk Douglas.

Q22) David Lean’s film was about a passage to which country?   
A22) India.

Q23) Who, in The Jungle Book, who is the king of the swingers?   
A23) King Louie.

Q24) Which James Bond Theme did Tina Turner sing?   
A24) Goldeneye.

Q25) Which actress appears both in The Beloved, and The Colour Purple?   
A25) Oprah Winfrey.

Q26) Who was the first black male actor to win an Oscar?   
A26) Sidney Poitier.

Q27) Thomas Mapother 4th is the real name of which film star?   
A27) Tom Cruise.

Q28) Which Ancient Greek theatre gives its name to a chain of cinemas?   
A28) Odeon.

Q29) Which Matrix character is played by Carrie Anne Moss … ?   
A29) Trinity.

Q30) Who were Mack Sennett’s most famous comic creations?   
A30) The Keystone Cops.


Q31) Bluetooth is named after a king of which country?   
A31) Denmark: he was Harald the 1st of Denmark: unified it with Sweden and Norway, which is why the makers of Bluetooth used it as a name.

Q32) Which organic chemical was first used as an anæsthetic in 1846: ether or alcohol?   
A32) Ether

Q33) 12.5% can also be expressed as which fraction: 1/6th, 1/8th or 1/10th?   
A33) 1/8th.

Q34) Ores are minerals that contain what?   
A34) Metals.

Q35) Planetoid, Sedna: it’s named after a goddess from which North American tribe?   
A35) The Inuit.

Q36) Deoxyribonucleic acid is more commonly known by what initials?   
A36) DNA.

Q37) Which body part has an enamel coating?   
A37) The teeth.

Q38) William Tainton was the 1st person on what?   
A38) TV.  (J. L. Baird used him as his 1st human guinea pig.)

Q39) At what temperature Celsius does Hydrogen Hydroxide freeze?    
A39) 0˚ Degrees Celsius.  (It’s the other name for water.)

Q40) What’s the main ingredient of glass: sand, putty or cheese?   
A40) Sand.


Q41) How many horns did the triceratops have?   
A41) Three.

Q42) What kind of animals were the first vertebrates: crabs, fish, or worms?   
A42) Fish.

Q43) What is the study of fossils called … ?   
A43) Palæontology.

Q44) Which dinosaur had a name that meant Great King lizard?   
A44) Tyrannosaurus Rex

Q45) What was the huge, now extinct tiger noted for its teeth?   
A45) Sabre toothed tiger.

Q46) The Diplodocus had the longest … what?   
A46) It had the longest tail.

Q47) What sort of creature was the cœlacanth?   
A47) A fish.

Q48) Kieselguhr is fossilised plankton: is it used for polishing or making of dynamite?   
A48) Both.

Q49) What was the prehistoric equivalent of today’s elephant?   
A49) Mammoth or mastodon.

Q50) The Brachiosaurus was what: the world’s heaviest or lightest dinosaur?   
A50) Heaviest.


Q51) Who became PM, without being elected: Harold McMillan, James Callahan or John Major?   
A51) All three of them.

Q52) What’s the UK’s fastest currently active steam loco?   
A52) The Mallard.

Q53) Which group of agents does ABTA represent?   
A53) Travel Agents.

Q54) What is the name of the world’s second-highest mountain?   
A54) K2.

Q55) Who had a sword called Excalibur?   
A55) King Arthur.

Q56) Which international pressure group has as its symbol a candle wrapped in barbed wire?   
A56) Amnesty International.

Q57) Which British politician became known as ‘…the Quiet Man’?   
A57) lain Duncan Smith.

Q58) David Morgan of Burford has the world’s largest collection of traffic cones; how many different cones does he have: 117, 127 0r 137?   
A58) 137.

Q59) What kind of building is a campanile?   
A59) A bell-tower.

Q60) In which long-running series are David, Ruth and Eddie central characters?   
A60) The Archers.

Enjoy that, folks: have a Happy Easter … 

*        All that means is you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes, including the Teasers and the Friday Question Set.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original author’s credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night.

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