Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Salvage: Little Indie Britflicks … 

6th March, 2013.

You know, I’m starting to think Wednesdays are getting busy!

No, seriously.

I’m mean, a blood test, shopping, putting up the Gazette Teasers, here and on their site.

Plus finishing off some Teasers, doing the associated videos AND writing about a movie, where possible!

Actually … ?

That’s simpler than you might think.

You see, last night, I managed to rent a film from iTunes — birthday money, don’tchaknow — hook the iPod up to the TV, through my new Dock … 

And got watching … Salvage … 


Released in 2009, Salvage opens with a paperboy delivering one of his last papers on Christmas Eve: and spotting an argument at one of his drops.

He manages to get away … Only to met SOMETHING nasty in the nearby woods.

Meanwhile, events elsewhere on the street, see Jodie (Linzey Cocker) returning home to see her mother, Beth (Neve McIntosh*) for the holiday.

Arriving just in time for the street to be raided by a squad of heavily armed special forces soldiers: soldiers who’re hunting for something.

Something nasty … 

Something nasty,with a taste for random violence … 

And something that’s killing Beth’s neighbours, one by one.


Now, I’ll happily admit, Salvage is not a big-budget, popcorn movie.

A long way from it: it was, after all filmed on the exterior set that had been used for long-running soap, Brookside, after the show had ended.

But it IS a fun little romp of a horror-film: one that, considering the price it cost to rent … ?   Wasn’t bad value for money, at all.

*        Madame Vastra, in case the Dr Who fans reading this were wondering

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