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The Friday Question Set — 22-3-2013

That grabbed my attention: I have to admit to being something of a fan of the Free Open Source software movement, that’s been doing the rounds for a while.

And usually recommend people at least try something like LibreOffice — which is free — before they spend their money on better known — and costlier — products, like Microsoft Office, or Apple’s iWorks suite.

So seeing the news that the Chinese government’s working with Canonical — makers of popular open source OS, Ubuntu — on a Chinese sponsored alternative to Windows and OS X … ?

Does get me wondering why the UK government hasn’t done the same thing.

At ANY rate, enough of my burbling: it’s Friday, which, of course, means the Friday Question Set.

Here this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 195   

Q1) Who — famously — won the Eurovision Song Contest in bare feet?   

Q2) What does WRAF stand for?   

Q3) What can be a box or part of the body?   
A3) Chest.

Q4) Which holy-sounding character was created by novelist, Leslie Charteris?   
A4) The Saint.

Q5) Notorious murderer, Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen was from which North American country?   
A5) The USA.   (Turns out he was a homeopath.   Go Google …)

Q6) Which animal is associated with Pisces … ?   
A6) The Fish.

Q7) Who was the last queen of England by succession before Elizabeth II?   

Q8) In recent years, which political famously John punched an assailant in North Wales who threw an egg at him?   
A8) John Prescott.   (Ye GODS, he’s on Twitter … !)

Q9) In Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore whom did Sir Joseph Porter bring on boat along with his sisters: his cousins and his aunts, his nieces and nephews or his ten pet tortoises?   

Q10) In the nursery rhyme, what did Tom, Tom the piper’s son steal?   
A10) A pig.


Q11) Who won Oscars for both Forrest Gump and Philadelphia?   
A11) Tom Hanks.

Q12) Who was the child star of the original Home Alone movie?   (Bonus for the name of the character.)   
A12) Macauley Culkin.   (Kevin McCallister)

Q13) During the 90s, Hannibal Lecter was played by Anthony Hopkins: and who else?   
A13) Brian Cox.

Q14) In the film, Bodyguard, who played Whitney Huston’s bodyguard?   
A14) Kevin Costner.

Q15) Who starred opposite Patrick Swayze, in Ghost?   
A15) Demi Moore.

Q16) More to the point, who played the medium, in Ghost … ?   
A16) Whoopi Goldberg.

Q17) Who played the title role, in Pretty Woman?   
A17) Julia Roberts.

Q18) What sort of Proposal did Robert Redford make to Demi Moore?   
A18) Indecent.

Q19) Who did Harry meet?   
A19) Sally.

Q20) What was wrong, in the Oscar winning Wallace & Gromit film?   
A20) The trousers.


Q21) Wormwood goes into which notoriously powerful drink: absinthe or tequila?   
A21) Absinthe.

Q22) What do the Chinese call ‘Lively Fellows’?   
A22) Chop Sticks.

Q23) What is a Blue Vinney?   
A23) A cheese.   (Not a footballing hard-man.)

Q24) Which fruit can be cantaloupe, water or honeydew?   
A24) A melon.

Q25) Calvados comes from which European country?   (Bonus for telling us what fruit it’s made with.)   
A25) France.   (Apples)

Q26) Egg shaped Italian tomatoes are named after which fruit?   
A26) Plums.

Q27) Guacamole, tacos and tequila, all feature in which countries cuisine?   
A27) Mexico

Q28) A brochette is another name for what type of take-away food?   
A28) A kebab: or, at least, something cooked and served on a skewer.

Q29) ‘Balti’ is an Indian word for what?   
A29) Bucket

Q30) Morel and Oyster are edible types of what?   
A30) Mushrooms.


Q31) Charles Dickens and Jane Austen were both born in which English county?   
A31) Hampshire.

Q32) The M11 connects London with which other city?   
A32) Cambridge.

Q33) Which sea is to the west of Denmark?   
A33) The North Sea.

Q34) Which city stands on the river Cam?   
A34) Cambridge.

Q35) Fair Isle is part of which island group?   
A35) The Shetlands.

Q36) Which is the most popular tourist attraction in Britain?   
A36) Alton Towers.

Q37) What is the name of the dangerous sand bank, in the North Sea?   
A37) Dogger Bank.

Q38) Shanklin, and Sandown are on which island?   
A38) The Isle of Wight.

Q39) Which English county is known as The Garden of England?   
A39) Kent.

Q40) There are fifteen districts of London that – historically and arguably – cockneys come from: name one of them.   


Q41) David Walliams and Matt Lucas are the two stars of which sketch show?   
A41) Little Britain.

Q42) Which Carol was the first presenter of Changing Rooms?   
A42) Carol Smillie.

Q43) Which future Star Wars star appeared in the Dennis Potter series, Lipstick on Your Collar?   
A43) Ewan McGregor.

Q44) Along the same sort of lines, which star of the Sharpe series played Mellors, in the 1993 adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover?   
A44) Sean Bean.

Q45) Who played Jeannie in Reeves & Mortimer re-make of Randall & Hopkick. [Deceased]: Emilia Fox, Samantha Janus or Keira Knightley?   
A45) Emilia Fox.

Q46) Ian Kelsey left Emmerdale for which hospital drama?   
A46) Casualty.

Q47) Foyles War is set during which war?   
A47) World War Two.

Q48) What’s the occupation of the main character in the series, Rebus?   
A48) Detective.

Q49) Phil Redmond created Hollyoaks.   But which long-running children’s show was he also responsible for?   
A49) Grange Hill.

Q50) Which Corbett created Sooty the Bear: Matthew, Harry or Harry H?   
A50) Harry Corbett.   (Matthew was his son, Harry H played the son, in Steptoe & Son)


Q51) Which of Shakespeare’s plays was banned during the reign of King George 3rd?   
A51) King Lear.

Q52) When Australians talk of a billabong, what are they talking about: an lake, a cooking pot or a kangaroo that’s been run over by a truck?   
A52) An lake.

Q53) Who wore ‘demob’ suits, at the end of World War 2?   
A53) Soldiers, leaving the army.   (It’s also the origin of the phrase ‘the full Monty’.)

Q54) What is a Jesuit: a Belgian hat, a French cheese or a Roman Catholic priest?   
A54) A Roman Catholic priest.

Q55) The Rocket 3 is advertised as the world’s biggest motorbike.   Which British company makes it?   
A55) Triumph.

Q56) The Yuan is the currency of which East Asian country?   
A56) China.

Q57) After a selling price, in a classified ad, what does ‘ono’ stand for?   

Q58) What are the two main colours on a roulette wheel?   

Q59) What name is usually, and incorrectly, given to the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament?   
A59) Big Ben.  (Big Ben is actually the bell.)

Q60) Which fruit, when dried, produces raisins?   
A60) The grape.

Enjoy that lot: I hope the links I put in are useful … 

*        All that means is you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes, including the Teasers and the Friday Question Set.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original author’s credit on your event’s flyers and posters, or on the night.

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