Friday, 29 March 2013

About A Door … 

You know, back at the start of March, I put up a post about the front door to my building.

Oh, not to my flat — I do try to be care about the place  — but about the front door of the building that my flat’s in.

Just to reiterate, one of the neighbours seems to like a drink or three, and seemingly gets heavy handed as a result.

With the net result — as you can see — that they managed to smash the lower pane in Damon House’s main entrance.

Now, I managed to get in touch with Corinne: who’s our landlord, Circle Anglia’s*, new Housing officer for the area.

Now, the last time I got in touch with her, she told me the repair had been ‘marked for completion by the 27th of March’.

Wednesday, in other words.

As you can see from today’s photos, that’s not been done.

Now, I’m the first to admit I’ve not been a stunning tenant, having had my share of rent difficulties in the past.

Burt I’m ALSO of the opinion that — just as a tenant has a responsibility to his landlord — a landlord ALSO has a duty to his tenants.

One of those … ?

Is to get repairs done: what’s more, done when they have told someone they’ll get done.

Anything else … ?

Is just not on.

*        Also known as South Anglia, I should add: the group has different divisions, with different names, in different parts of the country.   I always manage to get the two mixed up.

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