Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Strain Series 1 — Episodes 7 & 8: For Services Rendered and Creatures of the Night

You know, I’ve got to admit, I do like an LP, at times.

No, really.

I don’t think I could honestly say I’m a huge music fan.

But … ?

I DO have an iTunes library.

Stuffed full of albums I’ve ripped from CDs, and stuff bought from the iTunes store, itself.

Including Born to Laugh at Tornadoes, the Was (Not Was) album I’ve currently got playing at the moment.

I don’t know about you, I like music when I’m writing, and it seemed to fit my mood.


The reason I’m writing … ?

The reason I’m writing is relatively simple.

You see, I’ve caught up — between frantically working and Teasing — with a TV series I’ve been binge-watching over the past couple of weeks.

Yes, you’re right.

I’ve finally caught up with more episodes of series 1 of … 

The Strain … !


Episode 7 — For Services Rendered — opens with Roger Luss, husband to plague victim, Joan, arriving back at his New York apartment: and downing a hefty martini.

It’s only when Neeva, the family nanny, phones to say she’s taken the children out of the family home, that he Roger decides that’s where he should be: to be ready to make sure he’s home when they get back.

It’s only when he gets there, that the cab he’s in gets attacked by strigoi.   Roger, himself … ?   Is killed by Joan, when he gets to the supposed safety of the family home.

Meanwhile?   Gus is processed, at a local police station: after killing two strigoi in Episode 6, his criminal record has police convinced he’s killed innocent bystanders.

Whilst Nora, Eph, Jim and Setrakian confront Eichhorst at Grand Central Station.

Neeva is talked into taking the Luss children back to the family home: with her daughter, Sebastiane.

The four are attacked: and rescued … by SOMETHING that looks suspicious Strigoi like … 


Episode 8 — Creatures of the Night is a much more focused episode.   Having rescued Setrakian and forced Eichhorst to flee, Eph and the team realise that the tunnels are a perfect hunting ground for the strigoi: as city’s Metro system is out of direct sunlight.

Between them?   They realise two other things: the oncoming night will give the Strigoi hordes one hell of an advantage.   And that getting UV lamps from a medical supply shop will be useful.

Which is where they meet up with Vasily Fet: and join forces, after discussing exactly how many lamps each should get.

They move on to a local gas station: reasoning — as has the hacker, Dutch Velders — that they’re going to need supplies.

The only flaw, of course … ?

Is that the Strigoi have noticed the gas station is filling up with food … 

And have decided they want to pay it a visit, as well … 

The fact Jim Kent has been infected, along the way … ?   Is nearly incidental … 


Now … ?

Watchable … ?

Yet again, my answers is yes: and in a way that Gotham is proving not to be.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying Gotham, a lot.   But most of the time, I’ve got it on in the background, when I’m posting up the Teasers, of a morning.

The Strain, on the other hand?   The Strain is putting itself on a par with Dr Who, Penny Dreadful, The X-FilesHouse of Cards and a few others.

It’s something I’m making a point of making time to sit down and watch.

Time and money are precious.

We only have so much of either.

Thus far, and as far as I’m concerned?

The Strain is worth both, to me.


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