Monday, 29 February 2016

The X-Files 2016: Episode 4 — Home Again

You know, I’ve had a mildly quiet day off, today.

Well … 

Beyond bumping into a few people I know, in Brentwood High Street, that is.

It’s given me a chance to do a little basic housework: although you possibly wouldn’t think so.

Oh, and put together a couple of videos for upcoming Daily Teasers: although the real job of work will be finishing off the rest of them, tomorrow.

But that DOES leave me with a free night … 

To … ?

Yes, you’ve guessed … 

Watched some TV.

In this case … ?

Watched episode 4 of the rebooted The X-Files: called Home Again … 

Yes … 


Episode 4 — Home Again — sees Mulder and Scully called in by West Philadelphia police: after a federal housing official is killed: in an especially gruesome way.

It’s not long before others are killed in an identical fashion: and Scully is called away by her older brother: their mother … ?   Their mother has had a serious heart attack.

Margaret Scully’s death … ?   Only encourages Dana Scully back to the case: and provoke memories of the child she and Fox Mulder chad had, together, and put up for adoption.

The case … ?

Provides welcome distraction for her … as the artwork she and Mulder spot near the scenes of the crimes less to a street artist called Trashman.

Who claims he isn’t the killer … but he knows the thought form that is …


Now … 

That Paxman-esque ‘Yes’ … ?

Yes: I enjoyed Home Again.

And, while I don’t think it’s quite got quite the punch of episodes of earlier The X-Files, it is — for this series — comparatively dark: and certainly on a par with the rest of the re-booted series.

OK: as an individual episode, it’s not on the same quality as, say, The Body or Genesis of The Daleks.

But … ?

I think it adds another good episode to a well made series.

Here’s hoping the last two episodes are on a par … !

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