Monday, 22 February 2016

The X-Files 2016: Episode 3 — Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster.

Yep … 

It’s a Monday … 

You can probably tell it’s a Monday, simply by looking at the calendar, can’t you … ?

I’m pretty certain I can, I know that much.

At any rate … ?   I’ve had a Monday: one I’ve had off, and one where I’ve mostly done laundry, made Teasers slideshows … 

Like those.

And spent some time with my family: I, my sister Ruth, and my nephew, Jude, headed for Kidspace, over in Romford.

Which is definitely enjoyable.

What WAS a pain — at least for Ruth — was working out how to turn the Transformer she’d bought for Jude from a Robot into a Car.

“Mummy can’t find the smelly boobs,” was Jude’s expert opinion.

Which is … well … hard to argue with … 


At ANY rate … ?

I started this post, to tell You I’ve been glued — once again — to an episode of The X-Files: episode 3, in fact.

Episode 3 — Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster — sees Agents Mulder and Scullyinvestigating what could be an animal attack: in a wild part of Oregon.   Although the original witnesses claim it was no animal: but a strange humanoid reptile creature,  that fled when they approached.

Investigating further … ?

The pair find others who’ve been attacked by the creature: and a motel owner* who claims to have seen their main suspect turning into a hideous green skinned thing!

In the middle of a motel room.

It’s only when Mulder interview the creature, he and Scully find out they’re not dealing with a man who turns into a lizard monster, but a lizard monster who turns into a human, they realise things are not quite what they seem.

The real killer … ?

Is someone else, altogether … 


Now, I said — last week — that I always enjoy the Monster of the Week episodes of The X-Files: as, generally, I found them easier to follow.

This particular story?

Is both …
  • A Monster of the Week story.
  • VERY funny.
It has to be said, the original run of The X-Files  covered a wide variety of both tone and quality.

Reals stinkers, to beautifully done, and from satanically dark, to incredibly light-hearted.

Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster?   Was very light-hearted, funny, witty … 

And a very entertaining watch.

*        The motel’s owner has a mild stammer, stuffs things and is a bit of a peeping tom.   Can’t think WHERE the episode’s writer got that idea … 

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