Monday, 8 January 2018

Star Trek Discovery — Episode 10: Despite Yourself.

8th January, 2018.

There’s several things I think any of us look forward to.

When you think about it.

A good meal.

A — to paraphrase a ship name from Iain M. Banks — new lover’s arrival.

The chance to use the loo when you really need to.

There’s stuff you have to hang around for, in other words.


I’m very aware we have to wait until autumn for the next series of Dr Who.

Something I know I want to see.

But I’m also aware I’ve had to wait — since November of last year — for the next episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

That wait?

Ended tonight: when I finally caught Despite Yourself, the tenth episode of the show’s first series*.

Yes: I think it was worth the wait.


Episode 10 — Despite Yourself — follows on directly from Into the Forest I Go: showing us how the USS Discovery has  used the spore drive to get somewhere.

Instead of arriving at Starbase 46?   The ship ares in the midst of destroyed Klingon ship.

Only to be attacked by a Vulcan one.

It’s only once that is seen of, and the Klingon ship’s computers raided for information?

That the crew realise they’re in a parallel universe: one that sees the high-minded Federation for a fascistic Terran Empire.

That captured intelligence?

ALSO tells them that this universe has had an earlier visitor from their universe: the USS Defiant†.

The only issue for Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the gang?

Is for someone to infiltrate this universe’s version of the destroyed Shenzhou.

All the details they need?

Are there … 


Now … 

Worth the wait?

Very much so, I think.

The episode picks up nicely where Chapter One left off: answering the question of exactly where the crew are, how they have to deal with the Mirror Universe … 

And, shockingly, showing us the death of Dr Culber (Wilson Cruz).


I’m an impatient ol’ so-n-so.

I’d like next Monday, and next Monday’s episode, to be a little nearer.

I am quite assertively enjoying Discovery.

*        CBS, the production company behind the show, are marketing the two halves as Chapters One and Two.

†        The one seen in the Ster Trek: Enterprise two part, In a Mirror, Darkly

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