Monday, 15 January 2018

Star Trek: Discovery — Episode 11: The Wolf Inside

15th January, 2018.

Down that way … ?!

Ha … !

Or possibly even hmmm … 

Did I tell you I recently managed to pick up a cheap webcam, recently?

I’ve figured out that the mic works … occasionally, it seems.

But at least enough to record some video of yours truly, actually asking quiz questions: rather than relying on slideshows.

Trust me, it’s not especially clever, or pretty.

But is starting to … you know … give me a taste for the camera.


At any rate … ?

At ANY rate, me wittering on about a new found taste for vlogging superstardom is sort of beside the point.

The actual point?

Is that both the video — and the cheesy video self portrait — is to tell you I’ve seen The Wolf Inside, this week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

And, yes, the series is still looking rather good.


Episode 11 — The Wolf Inside — follows directly on from last week’s episode, Despite Yourself.

Opening with a personal log entry from Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), masquerading as her Mirror Universe self, tells us exactly how conflicted she feels, pretending to be a senior commander in the Terran Empire’s fleet.

She’s even more conflicted when, having found a rebel base, she’s ordered to destroy it with extreme prejudice.

So pays it a visit: pretending to her crew she’s planning a single handed attack … 

To cover the fact she’s keen to warn the rebel leader: a Klingon called Voq, son of none … 

You can tell Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) is going to have a bad day, can’t you … ?


Now … ?

Good … ?

Very much so, actually.

Granted the bombshell that Ash’s true identity — as a surgically altered Voq, spying on the Discovery — has been telescoped for a while: both by the various flashbacks, AND by fan rumour.

Nonetheless?   It, and Burnham’s seizing of the much details of the USS Defiant* closes off this second episode … 

Only to introduce us to Emperor Philippa Georgia (Michelle Yeoh).

Right now?

The phrase “Tune in, NEXT time!” springs lovingly to mind.

I don’t know if you will.

But I will!

*        The Defiant (NCC1764) originally appeared in Classic Star Trek episode, The Tholian Web: appeared, and subsequently vanished.   Various episodes since has assumed that it cropped up in the Mirror Universe.

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