Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Absentia: Hmmmm …

No, seriously … 

Hmmm … !

You’ve probably worked out I’m of a film fan, haven’t you … ?

Well, I am: just to confirm things.

And have to admit, I caught something of an … oddity, last night.

You see, I had the night to myself with a copy of the recently released DVD, Absentia.

And I’m thinking oddity is possibly the word … 


The Mike Flanagan directed Absentia sees Courtney Bell as Tricia, a young women who’s still in mourning about her missing husband, Daniel, and joined by her sister, Callie — Katie Parker — who’s helping supply emotional support, as Tricia deals with both a pregnancy, and complete the paperwork to have her husband declared legally dead.

There’s twists and turns, of course.

  • The creepy neighbour who’s never without a binbag.
  • The love affair Tricia’s having with the policeman heading the case.
  • Callie’s bad habits, and (potential) hallucinations.
  • Oh … and then there’s creepy old subway tunnel near the house … 


    Now, I got to calling Absentia an oddity, at the start of this post … ?

    Now I think of it, I’m none too sure if that’s the right word for it.   Although I have seen it described as low budget: the film’s Wikipedia entry does say the budget was $70, 000, mostly picked up from crowd-funding site, Kickstarter.

    You know know, now I come to think of it, oddity really only applies, I think, to how the film raised it’s money: in this day and age, going through something like Kickstarter is both brave and unconventional.

    And possibly wise, as well: as one really can’t guarantee funding for first time projects from the industry big boys.

    Especially when the scripts still a touch unpolished, and one of the leading actress is unexpectedly expecting, during filming … !

    Ahem … !


    On the whole, though … ?

    On the whole, I’m none too sure if I can seriously recommend Absentia to you: although I think I am going to suggest you check it out.

    Particularly if you see yourself as a sort of film equivalent of the late John Peel: inviting listeners and viewers to send in demo tapes of a band, in the belief that that’s a very good way to discover the next big musical thing.

    Now, I don’t know if that means Absentia will — like District 9 — be remade, with a bigger budget, fancier cast and scriptorial polish.

    But the original version makes for a very imperfect — but interesting — debut.

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