Friday, 31 August 2012

Jennifer’s Body: succubi, incubi … oh, and teenage hormones … !

30/08/2012 22:46

You know, that’s REALLY starting to get to be a habit.

You know …

Grabbing a screen shot of some description, just to show you I ’ve had Bruce hooked up to my TV set, to watch a movie.

The really weird bit … ?

Was that 2009 film, Jennifer’s Body, was one I’d actually taped from Channel’s film channel, last Saturday night: and transferred over to Bruce — my Mac Mini — to watch later.

Oh … 

And that an extraneous pair of feet seem to have wondered in from somewhere … 


31/08/2012 20:54

Well, of course a pair of feet wondered in: I’m actually sort of thankful that my chair’s comfy enough — and big enough — for me to really bleb out, should I so choose.

I usually do, if I think I have something to watch.

Thankfully, I did, last night.

The film in question being the one I’d taped, last Saturday: the anarchic 2009 horror comedy, Jennifer’s Body.

Told as an extended flashback, Jennifer’s Body sees Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox as Needy and Jennifer, a pair of schoolgirl friends who manage to sneak off to a local bar, to catch a band that’s playing there.

When the bar,burns down, mid-gig, they manage to get separated: Jennifer being effectively kidnapped by the band, whilst Needy is left to struggle home on her own.

It’s not until Jennifer manages to get back to Needy’s — looking like a serious wreck, and vomiting black spiny goo all over the kitchen floor — that Needy realises the band weren’t quite what they seems.

And that the mysterious deaths — of a local exchange student, the school quarterback and a local emo — that Jennifer isn’t as unscarred as she claims to be … 


Now … 

Jennifer’s Body: good, bad or indifferent … ?

Well, just to avoid answering that one, I’d say “Fun,” actually.

Which is a fairly accurate comment.

Oh, I’m sure those of us looking for flaws will find dozens.   But Jennifer’s Body is about people getting hideously killed and eaten by Megan Fox*.

It’s not necessarily this year’s big Art House DVD release!

Putting it bluntly, if you liked Heathers, then Jennifer’s Body will be right up your street.

I loved Heathers, myself …
Jennifer’s Body★★½☆☆

*        Yeah, I had to think for a minute, there: writing “getting eaten by Megan Fox” would’ve got me trouble … 

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