Friday, 3 August 2012

The Daily Teaser — 3-08-2012

Oops … !

No, seriously, Oops … !

I’ve actually found out what’s been going on with my boiler.

I’ve not managed to top up my gas … !

BOY, do I look embarrassed.

For STARTERS, it means I’m going to have to make a few phone calls, once the offices are open … 

Ahem … 

Let’s get moving on, shall we?

While I take comfort in the fact that Team GB’s now fifth in the medal table … 


Yesterday’s Teaser saw both Debbi and Trevor* putting in their answers: with both bagging 5 out of 6, it also saw Trevor confirming my guess at the noted Shenfield burial, and Debbi† telling me more about her script.

Let’s see how they — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, license and video … 

Q1) 3rd August, 1492, saw who set sail from Palos de la Frontera … ?
Q2) 3rd August, 2003, saw the American branch of the Anglican Church name it’s first, openly gay, archbishop: what was his name … ?
Q3) 3rd August, 1977, saw the US Senate begin its hearings into the CIA’s MKULTRA project: which English band recorded a song called MK Ultra … ?
Q4) 3rd August, 1957, saw Prince Tunku Abdul Rahman become the first elected head of state of which country … ?
Q5) And finally … 3rd August, 1990, saw the founding of which tyre company … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 2nd August, 1873, saw the Clay Street Hill Railroad start operating the world’s first cable car: in which US city … ?
A1) San Francisco.
Q2) More to the point, cable cars run on cables: trams run on what … ?
A2) Tracks: or rails, if you want to put it that way.
Q3) 2nd August, 1918, saw Japan deploy troops to which part of Russia, near the end of World War 1 … ?
A3) Siberia.
Q4) 2nd August, 1932, saw the discovery of the antimatter version of the electron: what’s it called … ?
A4) The Positron.
Q5) 2nd August, 1923, saw Calvin Coolidge become the US president on the death of his predecessor.   What was his predecessor’s name … ?
A5) Warren G. Harding.
Q6) And finally … 2nd August, 1939, saw Albert Einstein and Leó Szilárd write a letter to the US president, to urge the building of the A Bomb: who was that president … ?
A6) Franklin D Roosevelt.
Enjoy those, everyone.

I’ll leave you with a tune from birthday boy, Tony Bennett, duetting on this song with the late Amy Winehouse … 

Oh … And a word or two from Colette …
“We only do well the things we like doing.”
Colette, 28 January 1873 – 3 August 1954

*        Got to admit, Trevor, the other option was Johnny Herbert, although I ruled him out fairly early: he’s not actually dead … 

†        I think I missed that bit, to be honest: but good luck with that.   (Oh … Are you going through Kickstarter, as a thought?   I think the site’s due to open an English branch, this year: I was going to mention it to Kevin D, if ever his wrestling group need funding.)


trev-v said...

A1 Cristóbal Colón known in English as Christopher Columbus – I have seen his statue in Funchal on the Island of Madeira
A2 Reverend Canon Gene Robinson
A3 Muse
A4 Federation of Malaya
A5 Shanghai Tyre & Rubber Company

Debbi said...

Actually, I decided to use Indiegogo. We'll see how it goes. I know it takes currency from around the world, because there's a fee for currency conversion. So I should be able to solicit donations everywhere.

More to come as the project launch date nears. :)

1. Christopher Columbus
2. Gene Robinson
3. Muse
4. Malaya
5. Firestone Tire and Rubber Company