Monday, 6 August 2012

The Daily Teaser — 06-08-2012

Oh, I hate those, when they happen … !

One of the frustrations of being a quizmaster is when you go and lose your references!

No, really … !

Bless them, both Debbi and Trevor put in their answers, yesterday: complete with two Marilyn Monroe movies I’d not heard or.

And completely different to the one I’d actually got … !

Which — in the time since I actually wrote yesterday’s Teaser — has been re-written.


I mean, I know everyone’s allowed to do that to Wikipedia.   I’ve done the odd bit of tidying up, myself*.

But, my WORD, that’s frustrating, sometimes … !


But let’s move on, shall we … ?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw both Trevor and Debbiº putting in their answers: with Trevor bagging 5 out of 6† and Debbi scoring 6 — I’m being nice, given the Marilyn Situation — and also saw Debbi letting us know her post todays will be good!

But let’s see hoy they — and you, and I — do with today’s questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video … 

Q1) 6th August, 1945, saw the Little Boy A-bomb dropped: on which Japanese city … ?
Q2) More to the point, roughly how many people were killed in that explosion: 5000, 60000 or 70000 … ?
Q3) Moving on … 6th August, 1991, saw Sir Tim Berners-Lee release the plans for the World Wide Web to the world.   Sir Tim’s recently taken part in the opening ceremony for what …?
Q4) Equally to the point, the first web browser was designed by Sir Tim: what was it called … ?
Q5) 6th August, 1940, saw which country illegally annexed by the Soviet Union … ?
Q6) And finally … 6th August, 1862, saw the scuttling of which Confederate ship … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 
Q1) 5th August, 1962, saw Marilyn Monroe found dead in her bed.   What was her birth name … ?
A1) Norma Jean Mortensen.
Q2) More to the point, what was the name of the first film she appeared in, with her trademark platinum blonde hair … ?
A2) Monkey Business.   (There’s also arguments for Ladies of the Chorus and Scudda Hoo Scudda Hay)
Q3) 5th August, 1583, saw the founding of the first English colony in North America: in which modern country is that colony … ?
A3) Canada: Newfoundland, to be precise.
Q4) 5th August, 1930, saw the birth of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon: what’s his middle name … ?
A4) Alden.
Q5) More to the point, how long did he and Buzz Aldrin spend on the Moon … ?
A5) 2½ hours.
Q6) And finally … 4th August, 1960, saw Burkina Fasa become independent of France: how was it known as the time … ?
A6) Upper Volta.
Enjoy those, everyone.

I’ll catch you later.

After I’ve left you with this tune from Birthday Girl, Geri Halliwell: in complete showgirl mode, in this video … 

As a point … ?   She shares that with mountaineer, Sir Chris Bonington, who recently carried a torch …
“It seemed a bit of a cheat to go by train but I was told that it would have been logistically very difficult to do it on foot.”
Chris Bonington born 6 August 1934.

*        Very gingerly, usually: and usually just pointing out inconsistencies, where the article on — for example — the 5th of July says so-and-so was born on 5/7/63, but their biography says the birthday was 4/7/63.

º        I’ll be looking forward to that, Debbi … !

†        After a recount: I’ve given Trevor six points!


trev-v said...

I demand a recount. your question 5 yesterday ask how long did they spend on the Moon not outside on the moon surface. They were on the Moon 21 1/2 hours of which 2 1/2 hours was outside on the moon surface. Very badly asked question.

Oh by the way my Name is safely down on MARS.

Nik Nak said...

You’re right, Trevor, I did … !

I apologise … !

trev-v said...

A1 Hiroshima
A2 80,000 people
A3 XXX Olympiad (commonly called London 2012 Olympic games)
A5 Republic of Estonia (Eesti Vabariik)
A6 CSS Arkansas

Curiosity rover landed on Mars at 06.32 BST today. My name is on a plaque on the rover just in case you did not know.

Debbi said...

The complete story is up now and tweeted to you. :)

I'd be interested in your thoughts.

1. Hiroshima
2. 70,000
3. Olympics
4. WorldWideWeb
5. Estonia
6. CSS Arkansas