Friday, 3 August 2012

The Friday Question Set — 3-8-2012

You know … 

I mentioned, last week about having a song banging around my head.

The Big O’s tune, The Ooby Dooby, just in case you were wondering.

Quite possibly one of the silliest tunes going, if you’d like my humble opinion*.

At least if nothing else I’ve a good excuse for no giving the blessed thing any head room, this week.

No … 

THIS week, I’ve got to admit to having Dr Who: Dalek Invasion Earth 2150AD on in the background.

Which is quite something if you go for 60s sci-fi … 

Hmmm … 

Let’s get moving on, shall we … ?

Before I say something.


Or, at least, something unwise and NOT to the point.

But let me get down to the good stuff. here.

By now, regular readers will have realised that today is Friday: which obviously means it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here it is, along with the usual Creative Commons License
Online 162
Q1) What’s the collective name for a group of card players?   
A1) A card school.
Q2) COBRA is the government committee that deals with national emergencies: what does COBRA stand for?   
A2) Cabinet Office Briefing Room A.
Q3) We’ve all heard about the G8, in the news.   But what is G8 short for?   
A3) Group of Eight.
Q4) What was the first British ship lost in the Falklands War: the HMS Sheffield, the HMS London or the HMS Birmingham?   
A4) HMS Sheffield.
Q5) What insect lives in a formicary?   
A5) Ants: it’s the technical term for an ant farm.
Q6) If A is alpha, and B is bravo, what is L: lotus, libido or lurcher?   
A6) Lotus.
Q7) What Scottish monster hit the headlines, in 1933?   
A7) The Loch Ness Monster.
Q8) Ben Lomond, and Baldwin are varieties of which soft fruit?   
A8) Blackcurrant.
Q9) Who writer wrote The Silmarillion?   
A9) J. R. R. Tolkien.
Q10) Which Reggae artist had a 90’s No. 1, with Oh, Carolina?   
A10) Shaggy.
Q11) Which food colouring is made from dried, crushed insects?   
A11) Cochineal.
Q12) What insect-related name is given to the notion in chaos theory that a small event in one part of a system can have a major effect elsewhere?   
A12) The butterfly effect. 
Q13) What is apiology the study of: honey bees, ants or wasps?   
A13) Honey bees.
Q14) What is the name of the world’s heaviest beetle?   
A14) The Goliath beetle.
Q15) A leatherjacket is the larval form of which insect?   
A15) The daddy-longlegs (or cranefly).
Q16) Which crop is damaged by Colorado beetles?   
A16) Potatoes.
Q17) Which kind of animal inspired Robert the Bruce to try again?   
A17) A spider.
Q18) Does a grasshopper have 2, 5 or 12 eyes?   
A18) Five.
Q19) The man behind composed the operas Tasca and Madame Butterfly was Giacomo … who?   
A19) Giacomo Puccini.
Q20) Which poet was known as the Wasp of Twickenham: Alexander Pope, Andrew Motion or Robert Burns?   
A20) Alexander Pope.
Q21) By what name is the Millennium Wheel also known?   
A21) The London Eye.
Q22) Which London bridge is the furthest downstream?   
A22) Tower Bridge.
Q23) Which London postal area has the postcode Wl?     
A23) Mayfair.
Q24) Which monumental structure stands where the Mall leads into Trafalgar Square?   
A24) Admiralty Arch.
Q25) Which London fish market closed in 1982 after 700 years, only to be reopened elsewhere three days later?   
A25) Billingsgate Market.
Q26) Where is the centre of London, from which distances to other places are measured?   
A26) Charing Cross.
Q27) Which is London’s oldest football club?   
A27) Fulham.
Q28) On which London road do Madame Tussaud’s and the Planetarium stand?   
A28) Marylebone Road.
Q29) Where in London would you find St Stephen’s Tower and the Victoria Tower?   
A29) The Palace of Westminster (the Houses of Parliament).
Q30) Where did Dick Whittington turn on hearing the City of London’s bells?   
A30) Highgate Hill.
Q31) What was Frank Sinatra’s middle name: Albert, Alan or Shirley?   
A31) Albert.   
Q32) Who returned to the top of the charts after a 29-year~gap in 2006 with Thunder in my heart?   
A32) Leo Sayer.   
Q33) What was Beethoven’s only opera called?   
A33) Fidelio.   
Q34) Which pirate radio station first broadcast from a ship in the North Sea on 29 March 1964?   
A34) Radio Caroline.   
Q35) By what name is Harold Webb better known?   
A35) Cliff Richard.   
Q36) In which year of the Sixties did Otis Redding die?   (Bonus for saying how!)   
A36) In a plane crash in 1967.   
37) Who topped the charts with Black Coffee in 2000?   
A37) All Saints.   
Q38) Who wrote the music for Onward, Christian Soldiers?   
A38) Arthur Sullivan.   
Q39) Peter Maxwell Davies became Master of Whose music, in 2004?   
A39) The Queen’s.   
Q40) The Japanese word ‘Karaoke’ means ‘Empty…’ what?   
A40) Orchestra.   
Q41) Which writer acquired the nickname the Animated Meringue?   
A41) Barbara Cartland.   
Q42) Which football club have the nickname the Toffees?   
A42) Everton.   
Q43) Which US city is nicknamed Motown?   
A43) Detroit.   
Q44) Which US politician became known as The Comeback Kid?   
A44) Bill Clinton.   
Q45) By what nickname did Iraqi General Ali Hassan aI-Majid become widely known?   
A45) Chemical Ali.   
Q46) Which British political leader was sometimes referred to as Tina?   
A46) Margaret Thatcher (abbreviation of ‘there is no alternative’).   
Q47) What is the traditional nickname of The Times newspaper?   
A47) The Thunderer.   
Q48) Which newspaper magnate was known as the Bouncing Czech?   
A48) Robert Maxwell.   
Q49) Who was attacked in the US press as Hanoi Jane?   
A49) Jane Fonda.   
Q50) Who became known as Doctor Death?   
A50) Doctor Harold Shipman.   
Q51) What’s the only English anagram of the word ‘English?’   
A51) SHINGLE.   
Q52) Which British band had a UK hit, with The Reflex?   
A52) Duran Duran.   
Q53) Which everyday item can be decorated with what’s called the King’s pattern?   
A53) Cutlery.   
Q54) In The Wizard of Oz, who wanted to ask the Wizard for courage?   
A54) The Cowardly Lion.   
Q55) Alf, Elsie and Rita appeared in which TV comedy series?   
A55) ’Til Death Do Us Part.   
Q56) Which UK carmaker produced the Hornet?   
A56) Wolseley.   
Q57) What word can go after ‘king’ and before ‘man?’   
A57) ‘Fisher.’   
Q58) Which British playwright wrote Pygmalion: George Bernard Shaw, William Shakespeare or J. B. Priestley?   
A58) George Bernard Shaw.   
Q59) What was Fleetwood Mac’s first UK number 1?   
A59) Albatross.   
Q60) What’s the collective name for a group of elephants?   
A60) A herd.  
Enjoy those, everyone. 

I’ll leave you with these, shall I … ?

*        I’ve said it before, and will no doubt say it again in the future: who the hell has a HUMBLE opinion … ?   It’s overinflated or nothing … !

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