Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Below: Blood. Guts and Seawater … !

You know … 

I REALLY have too much time on my hands, I really do … !

So much so, that I actually managed to catch another film, last nick.

Last NICK … ?

Night, I meant.

You’d never know I’m capable of rational spelling, would you … ?

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, I managed to catch another film, last night.   And felt I should tell you about it … 

Remember — a day or two ago — that I said that there seemed to be a rule in certain types of horror/whodunnit … ?   Along the lines of “Scare them by isolating them” … ?

Well, I did.  And while I’m no learnéd critic, to me it seems the done thing to mention I’ve spotted it in action, again, in last night’s film: the 2002, David Twohy directed film, Below.

Set in 1943, Below follows the crew of the US sub, USS Tiger Shark, not long after they rescue the three surviving members of a ship that’s been sunk by an attacking German submarine.

Those survivors find themselves stuck on a boat* that seems cursed: having lost its captain, having an inexperienced junior officer on board … and a superstitious crew suffering more so than usual from the pressures of underwater work.

That’s before crew and unexpected passengers start hearing things, including a record player in the now very dead captain’s cabin.

Playing Benny Goodman, in case you’re wondering … 

Now, bar the swingin’ tune, was Below any good … ?

Hmmm … 

Bit of a tough one, that.   I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be putting it on my Christmas of ‘Most Wanted Movies’.

Frankly, I think that — if you’re asking me about horror films with a WW2/WW1 feel — that Outpost and Deathwatch are going to come further up the list: if you’ve seen either of those, Outpost in particular, Below won’t necessarily be a stunner.

On the other hand … ?

On the other hand, Below is an enjoyable 105 minutes worth of movie: and not to be totally ignored, if you’ve nothing else demanding you time.

Personally … ?

Here’s some stars …

*        It’s a boat, not a ship: submariners are picky about it, I’m told … 

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