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The Friday Question Set — 17-08-2012

Rush, rush, rush … !

Yeah, I know that’s possibly me sounding a touch whingy.

But I’ve got to admit, I’m posting this, RIGHT in the middle of boiling me spuds.

So I’m feeling a little pressurised.

But, at ANY rate … ?

Here’s today’s Friday Question Set: covered, as ever, by the usual Creative Commons License
Online 164.      
Q1) Who were Yosemite Sam, and Elmer Fudd constantly trying to shoot?   
A1) Bugs Bunny.
Q2) What two letter word is put in front of the word ‘CAPABLE’ to turn it into it’s opposite?   
Q2) ‘IN’.
Q3) What is the collective noun for a group of foxes?   
A3) A skulk.
Q4) In which organisation is the leader known as the Grand Imperial Wizard?   
A4) The Ku Klux Klan.
Q5) What is Britain’s largest railway station?   
A5) Waterloo.
Q6) How much is a Pavarotti worth?   
A6) £10.00.
Q7) What’s the only English anagram of the word, ‘INTRODUCE’?   
Q8) Which shipping forecast area is immediately east of Shannon?   
A8) Fastnet
Q9) Anthophobia is a fear of what, flowers, chips or trees?   
A9) Flowers.
Q10) What word can go after ‘sea’ and before ‘Heart’?   
A10) ‘Lion’.   
Q11) Which British rock band released albums called Machine Head and Burn?   
A11) Deep Purple.
Q12) Which Marty Wilde hit shares a name with an Al Pacino film?   
A12) Sea Of Love.
Q13) Which Gilbert and Sullivan Opera was sub-titled The Lass that Loved A Sailor?   
A13) HMS Pinafore.
Q14) Which singer, dancer, and former cheerleader provided the choreography for ZZTop’s videos?   
A14) Paula Abdul.
Q15) Which Pink song provided a hit for Shakin’ Stevens?   
A15) Trouble.
Q16) Bad Penny Blues, was the first jazz song to enter the British charts: which Radio 4 presenter was it by?   
A16) Humphrey Lyttelton.
Q17) Before joining the Beatles, Ringo Starr was with which Rory Storm and the … who: Hurricanes, Tempests, or Whirlwinds?   
A17) Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.
Q18) Which boat provided a hit for the Beach Boys?   
A18) Sloop John B.
Q19) The 4th movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony provided the soundtrack to which controversial 70’s movie?   
A19) A Clockwork Orange.
Q20) Urban Hymns was a hit LP for which band: The Verve, Radiohead or The Arctic Monkeys?   
A20) The Verve.   
Q21) Big Willy and Little Willy were early examples of which vehicle?   
A21) The tank.
Q22) The Charge of the Light Brigade took place during which battle?   
A22) The Battle of Balaclava.
Q23) Who’s more senior, a lieutenant general, or a major general?   
A23) A Lieutenant general.
Q24) The soldiers of which country were the first to reach Berlin, at the end of WW2: the USSRs, the USAs or the UKs?   
A24) The USSR.   (Accept Russia.)
Q25) Which Eastern European alliance took its name from the capital of Poland?   
A25) The Warsaw Pact.
Q26) What’s the name of the war memorial, in Whitehall?
A26) The Cenotaph.
Q27) What name is given to the organisation founded by General William Booth?   
A27) The Salvation Army.
Q28) Which Gulf War general was nicknamed Stormin’ Norman?   
A28) H. Norman Schwarfkopf, the US army commander.
Q29) What type or British army troops wear maroon berets: airborne troops, marines or ground troops?   
A29) Airborne troops, such as parachutists.
Q30) What’s the highest award for bravery, in the US army?   
A30) The Medal of Honour.   
Q31) Who played the title role, in the 1971 film, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory?   
A31) Gene Wilder.
Q32) In The Wizard of Oz, what colour are Dorothy’s slippers?   
A32) Ruby.
Q33) R. Lee Ermey appeared as the sadistic sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.  What part did he voice in Toy Story?   
A33) Serge, the plastic soldier.
Q34) Which author wrote Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang?   
A34) Ian Fleming.
Q35) Which actress starred in the 1944 film, National Velvet?   
A35) Elizabeth Taylor.
Q36) Which sailing novel by Arthur Ransome, was turned into a 1974 film?   
A36) Swallows and Amazons.
Q37) Which child star was left Home Alone, in 1990?   
A37) Macalley Culkin.
Q38) Angela Lansbury plays a trainee witch in which 1971 Disney film?   
A38) Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
Q39) In the 1998 film, Mulan, who provides the voice of Mushu, the Demoted One?   
A39) Eddie Murphy.
Q40) Which 1999 film was advertised with the slogan, “…the Little family just got bigger?”   
A40) Stuart Little.   
Q41) In which sport does the net stand 8ft(2.4m) high?   
A41) Volleyball.
Q42) In 1863, the ‘Cambridge Rules’ became the first commonly accepted rules for what sport?   
A42) Football.
Q43) A Silver Wilkinson would be used in which sport?   
A43) Angling: it’s a type of fly.
Q44) What’s the stick in lacrosse called?   
A44) A crosse.
Q45) On a golf course, what does a stimpmeter measure?   
A45) The pace of the green.
Q46) What is 10 ft high, and 18 inches wide?   
A46) A basketball net.
Q47) What sport would you be participating in, if you were hauling halyards?   
A47) Yachting.
Q48) The basic equipment of which sport includes a bolt-action rifle, and a pair of skis?   
A48) Biathlon.
Q49) Which sport is played with a cesta in a cancha?   
A49) Peloté.
Q50) What was Jack Broughton’s pugilistic invention?   
A50) Boxing Gloves.   
Q51) Two countries are at the two opposite ends of the Khyber Pass.   Name either.   (Two points for both.)   
A51) Pakistan, or Afghanistan.
Q52) What acid is usually found in both bee stings, and ant bites?   
A52) Formic acid. 
Q53) Who did Great Britain fight during the Opium Wars?   
A53) China.
Q54) Any alloy that’s referred to as an ‘amalgam’ always contains which metal?
A54) Mercury.
Q55) Which London theatre was known as the Coburg, when it 1st opened, in 1818, the Old Vic, the Mermaid or The Dominion?   
A55) The Old Vic
Q56) What’s the usual colour of a New York taxi?   
A56) Yellow.
Q57) Who was the first Emperor of Rome?   
A57) Augustus Cæser.
Q58) In the children’s stories about Brer Rabbit, and Brer Fox, who’s the narrator?   
A58) Uncle Remus.
Q59) Where, on a standard computer keyboard, is the spacebar, top, bottom, or middle?   
A59) The Bottom.
Q60) Which Noël wrote Hay Fever?   
A60) Noël Coward.
Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you later … 

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