Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Strain — Series 4: Episode 3 — One Shot

16th November, 2017

You know, I’m having what I think I can call a late night.

Despite the fact it’s, what, 19:50?

Ten to eight … ?

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a comparatively late night for me: as I want to be up at four, tomorrow morning, to get the Daily Teaser for the day, done.

AND get to work by nine.

Whilst, presumably, looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy.

Although, granted, that’s an odd looking daisy … 


The point I’m trying to make?

Is simply that I’m trying to get any early night.


And want to catch an episode, early, of the box set I’m currently watching.

Yep, you’ve guessed it.


Episode 3 One Shot sees Fet, Charlotte and Quinlan (Kevin Durand, Rupert Penry-Jones and Rhona Mitra) out in the wilds: getting help from Captain Roman (K. C. Collins) to retrieve a nuclear missile.

Only to find a key component of the warhead is long gone.

Back in Philadelphia?   Ephraim (Corey Stoll), Alex (Angel Parker), and the rest of Alex’s resistance cell, have managed to cook up a big batch of rat poison: and used it to poison a tanker of blood, bound for a Strigoi nest.

Which works.

What they don’t realise?   Is that, back in New York, the Master, now in the body of Eldridge Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) knows this: through the Master’s telepathic link with the rest of his kind.

What the Master also realises … ?

Is that Zack is growing rather fond of Abby: the human girl he’s coerced into serving Zack.

What the Master doesn’t know?

Is that Eph and Alex have found a Partnership base in Philadelphia: that’s keeping track of something being delivered to the rest of Pennsylvania.

Just what … ?

They don’t know … yet …


Now … 

Am I impressed, yet?

Yes, I am.

I think working, with the implicit early nights, and early mornings, has forced me into watching one episode of series four at a time: rather than the two or three I’d usually do.


Well, I think that’s enabled me to watch what’s on screen, with a little more appreciation.

I’m having smaller portions, in other words.

And?   I think that’s paying off.

I’m watching characters developing.

Zac, for one is having a innocent romance, whilst also starting to question what’s being done to him, by the Master.   Eph is getting over his relapse from series three, and learning more — in the strangest of days — about how to be a doctor, rather than JUST a medic.

And Durant?   Is learning more about how to deal with the world outside New York: AND the ruthless Quinlan.

About me only complaint, thus far?

Is that Rhona Mitra — who impressed me in Doomsday*, amongst other things — seems seriously under-used.

Beyond that?   The Strain, series four, is proving really enjoyable.

*        There are few films that impressed me enough to get two write ups on Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar.   Doomsday is one of them.

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